Rapper NAV Gifts himself Maybach for Birthday

Indian-Canadian rapper NAV gifted himself a Maybach for his 32nd birthday and also received an ‘iced out ring’ from musical friend Gunna.

Rapper Nav Gifts himself Maybach for Birthday

"Wunna gave NAV an iced out ring for his bday!"

Rapper NAV has gifted himself a Maybach for his 32nd birthday.

NAV celebrated the occasion on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, and hosted a party attended by various celebrities.

Some of the guests present at the birthday bash included Cardi B, her husband Offset and his fellow Migos member, Quavo.

However, NAV’s Maybach, which he shared an image of on Instagram, wasn’t the only extravagant gift that the artist received.

Fellow rapper and friend Gunna presented him with a ring, covered in diamonds.

US-based DJ Akademiks shared a video showing the rapper receiving the large, silver, jewel-encrusted piece to his Instagram account.

He wrote: “Wunna gave NAV an iced out ring for his bday!”

Upon seeing it, NAV says: “Oh s**t!”

He and Gunna then hold their fingers next to each other to show the camera their matching rings before sharing a hug.

The pair have been frequent musical collaborators and have released two recent singles together.

In 2021, NAV and Gunna released the music video ‘Young Wheezy’ from the former’s mixtape, Emergency Tsunami (2020).

Prior to that, in 2020, they released ‘Turks’ featuring Travis Scott which has more than 16 million views on YouTube.

NAV was born in Toronto to an Indian Punjabi immigrant family.

He has regularly been the subject of controversy.

Most notably, this is to do with his regular use of the N-Word in his music despite him having no known black heritage.

NAV defended this during an interview by saying he grew up in a multicultural neighbourhood where the term was openly used.

The rapper added that he often used it among his friends but said once he had begun to get more exposure. As a result, he received more backlash.

He then told fans that he would refrain from using the slur on his upcoming project at the time, Perfect Timing(2017).

More recently, NAV featured on the song ‘YOSEMITE’ on Travis Scott’s third studio album, Astroworld (2018), also with Gunna.

He soon became the subject of various memes which mocked his feature which was initially mixed at an extremely low volume.

The rapper himself made light of the situation by sharing one of the memes on his Instagram.

Travis Scott and producer Mike Dean later confirmed it was an error. Shortly afterwards, they remixed and re-released the song.

NAV does not yet appear to have announced the release dates for any upcoming singles or albums.

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