Ram Gopal Varma reveals decision not to work with Ajay Devgn

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has revealed why he decided not to work with Ajay Devgn following the actor’s role in ‘Singham’.

Ram Gopal Varma reveals decision not to work with Ajay Devgn f

"to underplay this character would look very stupid"

Ram Gopal Varma revealed that he does not want to work with Ajay Devgn in his gangster films and opened up on his reason why.

The pair collaborated in the 2002 gangster film Company and it was critically acclaimed.

Ram is now set for the release of his next film, D Company, but what is interesting is that the film features no established stars.

He revealed why he made that decision.

Ram was also questioned whether the thought of working with Ajay Devgn had crossed his mind, especially after their success together in Company.

On his thought process when casting, Ram told BollywoodLife:

“When casting, the most important thing one needs to keep in mind is the believability of the character.

“Dawood Ibrahim was a man who at the age of 25 was almost like behind his brother, he never, upfront, pushed himself.

“Slowly, over the course of time, he developed that (taking centre stage and making his own decision).

“So, I have to keep that emotion in mind while looking at these factors during the casting process.

“Now, though he’s not 25, Ajay Devgn for me as an actor may be so powerful that to underplay this character would look very stupid in the film because the audience would want to see his very first shot with excitement – that’s the image he’s developed over the years, that’s what is called a star.”

Ram Gopal Varma then revealed why he has not worked with Ajay Devgn since then:

“When I had made Company, Ajay Devgn was not a big star so it worked, but after Singham and all those films, if you put Ajay Devgn into such a subdued role like Company, I don’t think it’d ever work.

“So, I take that into consideration, especially for genre films.

“Of course, you might get a bigger audience with stars, but that’d be at the expense of not being honest to the film.”

According to Ram, D Company is said to be an extensive biopic on how Dawood Ibrahim came to be one of India’s most notorious gangsters.

He previously explained that the film is based on his own research, stating that it came from “my extensive interactions over the last 20 years with gangsters to encounter cops to middlemen of the underworld and also, many film people who were involved with the underworld”.

The film is set to release sometime in 2021.

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