Popular Party Make-up Looks

There is always a celebration or two around the corner, and with them come glamorous parties. DESIblitz have complied the 5 most popular party make-up looks for you to dazzle with.

Make-up Looks

These 5 make-up party looks are always in vogue, never outdated, but always modernised.

It can sometimes be hard to keep on track of make-up trends, or to figure out which make-up trend will best suit the look you’re going for.

Whether it’s a birthday or just a night out, it is always vital to get your party make-up perfect – we all know that it could either make or break an outfit.

Party make-up trends are all about bold brows, dark lips and glamorous eyes. But how do you know which styles fit with the type of woman you are, and the look that you are after?

DESIblitz has formulated 5 make-up looks that will speak out to every woman’s needs. So whether you want the classic make-up look, or you’re daring to go vampy with the sultry look, we have it all.

The Classic Look

Make-up Classic LookThe classic look will never get old, it is timeless and looks great on everyone. Red lipstick and black liquid liner are the two major features of this classical look.

Set your base with foundation, concealer, highlighter, and powder – and if you’re looking to go all out – try contouring. Use a shimmer bronzer to add definition and a pink blusher for colour.

Rihanna’s Mac Riri Woo (£14) is the perfect red lip shade for this look! Line the lips with a matching lip liner then fill in the lips.

Keep the eyes simple; black pencil liner under the top water line, liquid liner on top, and don’t forget the flick. Curl eyelashes and add mascara and false lashes to add a dramatic touch.

The Glamorous Look

Make-up Glamourous LookThe glamorous look is all about extravagance, bold eyes, bold lips, bright and sparkle! Beware of clashing however. Set your face as above, and use a contouring kit to define the face, try Sleek’s Makeup Face Contour Kit (£6.49).

With the eyes, try creating a smokey eye look with colours, use shimmer colours, bright colours and glitter, add voluminous lashes and black top liquid liner.

For the lips, pick a colour that will blend well, for example if using bronze eye shadows use a red lipstick, or if using brighter eyeshadows, use a nude colour or soft pink lipstick.

The Natural Look

Make-up Natural LookThis sophisticated make-up party look is understated and subtle, if you’re the type of woman that likes simplicity and is after something chic, then this is definitely the look for you.

Start off with a matte foundation, one that promises no shine, as you want to look natural. Use a concealer and highlighter to bring out the under eyes, this will give you that natural glow.

Use a light and subtle bronzer to define the cheekbones and if you prefer, you can add a tiny bit of natural looking pink blusher.

Depending on your skin tone, pick a natural brown or pink matte lipstick for your lips. The eyes are optional, and can be adapted to suit you, use either white or black eyeliner on the bottom and top water line, and if you like add a bit of mascara, and you are good to go.

The Mysterious Look

Make-up Mysterious LookThe mysterious look can otherwise be known as the smokey look; the dark eyes are enough to get anyone wondering what the story is behind your perfect make-up.

To achieve this look, set the base for your face. Try a HD Foundation (Smashbox £27.50, Makeup Forever £29), as it promises to give you the perfect canvas.

With this look, just stick to using bronzer and no blusher and keep the lips natural with a nude lipstick – it all adds to the mystery!

For the eyes, use matte eyeshadows; start off with a white base, then from the outward corner to the middle of the eye blend and mix with either a dark brown/grey colour or black. Using a pencil liner, trace around the top and the bottom of the eye, and blend well.

Add thick bold lashes. Then with a black liquid liner, go over the top eyelid covering up any glue residue and define the eye. Add a flick if you wish, finally finish the look with translucent powder.

The Sultry Look

Make-up Sultry LookThe sultry look is all about the lips, dark and bold lips; from wine, to berry and even black lips. This is a tricky look to pull off but if done right, you’ll look as if you have come straight off the catwalk.

Not only are the lips important but so are the brows, keep them thick, dark and bold.

You can opt in or out with top liquid eye liner but keep the mascara to a minimum, none if you’re brave enough. Use a white liner on the bottom of the water line.

As always, set the base for your make-up, and go super bold with both highlighter and bronzer, and definitely contour the face.

For the lips, try NARS Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (£17.50) with Tom Ford Black Orchid Lipstick (£36) on top, it creates the perfect shade of dark plum.

There you have it, 5 amazing party looks for you to flaunt and turn heads wherever you go. These 5 make-up party looks are always in vogue, they are never outdated, but always modernised.

This is what the 21st century has to offer the modern Asian woman, and without a doubt, there is a look for everyone.

So get your outfit ready, your hair styled, and follow these simple party make-up tips. We promise they will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Wanderlust at heart, Fatimah is passionate about everything creative. She enjoys reading, writing and a good cup of tea. Her life motto is: “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” by Charlie Chaplin.

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