Fareeaa Noor wows with a Candy Masterclass

Professional Make-Up artist Fareeaa Noor has designed a dazzling Candylicious look that truly wows the crowds. She shares her beauty expertise in an exclusive Masterclass with DESIblitz.

Candy Make-up

A dust of sugar or glitter on the lips can add that extra something to finish of a super candy look.

Just like fashion, make-up changes, and each season delivers new trends. Fareeaa Noor, a professional make-up and award-winning henna artist experimented with candy make-up looks in a recent photoshoot.

Using colours found in popular sweets such as jelly beans, love hearts and hundreds and thousands, Fareeaa has created a unique and eclectic look that is simply stunning:

“As we decided to go with a creative shoot, we wanted to try something in pastel colours and vivid colours but using more than just make-up,” Fareeaa explains.

“I introduced the candy by applying similar colours to the models and then as we continued, I decided to add to the face too. So it became something different, fun, creative and fresh with colours.”

So how can you achieve a similar candy-based look? DESIblitz has a few pointers that you can easily master.

Candy Make-up Look


The eyes are key for making a candylicious look work. The colours and tones in the eye shadow are best in pastel shades. Pastel shades will mimic the sweet colours and make your eyes look edible!

The best colours are pink, yellow, green and orange. You can add a simple swish of colour over your eyelid or do a complex three colour combo with blending, the strength of the colour will instantly add pop.

The waterline always needs white to accentuate the eye colour and give it that extra brightness.


The face is best left flawless with a dab of blusher. It’s all or nothing with the blusher, keep it in a baby pink to make the colours more vivid.

Candy Make-up

Use a pro long wear foundation, so your makeup can last all night, and pick the right powder to help set your face. Mac has a good range of foundations to suit all skin tones, and their white setting powder is to die for.


The lips are where you can go wild, after all it is the smile in the pictures that counts. Use strong lipsticks such as red and purple to contrast the eyes.

A dust of sugar or glitter on the lips can add that extra something to finish off a super candy look.

Fareeaa also let DESIblitz in on some of her secrets for party make up. Lip liner is the best way to achieve the perfect lips, use a matching pencil lip liner to board the lips then apply lipstick.


Candy Make-up1. To begin with, the face needs to be flawless, make sure you moisten the face by applying a full coverage foundation and if there are any visible blemishes, add some concealer.

2. Dust a good amount of translucent powder under eye area and prime the eyelids and lower lash line. Get a deep burgundy eye shadow and gently cover the eyelid.

3. To highlight the eye, apply antique gold onto the inner corner of the eye, and blend in with the burgundy shade. Apply a similar gold to the brow bone and outer edge of the eye.

4. Run a purple/black shade through the socket. Using the same burgundy as the eyelid, line the entire lower lash line and softly run purple kohl in the lower water line.

Fareea Noor

5. Soften the look with a matt black eye shadow and line the top lash with black liner. To finish the eyes apply a couple of coats of mascara and add a set of medium full lashes.

6. Now that the eyes are done its time to complete the smoky eye look. Dust away the translucent powder and apply a soft rose pink blush to the apple of the cheek. Blend this back towards the ear.

7. For the lips apply a deep fuchsia lip liner, add a fuchsia lipstick and clear coat of lip-gloss to ad glamour.

8. Your hair is the finishing factor, roll it back into heated rollers and mist lightly with hairspray. Remove rollers after twenty minutes and run fingers though the hair like a comb, finally mist with hairspray to set the look.

Fareeaa Noor

Fareeaa admits her go-to make-up for any bridal or party look is MAC: “MAC cosmetics deliver flawless outcomes,” she says.

Without a doubt, the beauty talents of Fareeaa Noor are endless, so whether you want to be a candy queen or impress with the classic smoky look, follow these pointers and you will be turning heads wherever you go.

Yasmeen is an aspiring fashion designer. Aside from writing and fashion she enjoys travel, culture, reading and drawing. Her motto is: "Everything has beauty."

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