Popular Makeup products for Brown Skin Tones

Makeup matters, and with so many different products on sale, we’ve shortlisted the most popular cosmetic items that cater specifically to brown skin tones.


Illamasqua is another beauty brand that is great for Asian skin tones

From MAC to Max Factor, Bobbi Brown to Bourjois, makeup is a modern day luxury.

Ranging in price and quality, we all have our personal favourites.

Foundations, primers, contour kits, you name it. They have become essentials within our beauty bags.

In order to aid you in conquering your cosmetic qualms, DESIblitz have delved deep into the beauty world to find out which makeup products are the most popular amongst brown skin tones.

Tom Ford – Lipsticks Popular-Makeup-products-for-Brown-Skin-Tones

Asian girls love finding natural, pink hues within lipsticks that compliments their warm, dewy skin tones.

Tom Ford’s lip colours are ideal for creating that soft, chic look.

Popular shades are Spanish Pink, Sable Smoke, and Indian Rose, which are all richly pigmented.

Coming in at £38.00, this product is most definitely a luxury item, and slightly pricier than other lipsticks.

But when it provides such a classic look, it is worth every single penny.

MAC – Lip Pencils and LipsticksPopular-Makeup-products-for-Brown-Skin-Tones

Since Kylie Jenner first plumped her pout last year, fans of the Kardashian clan flocked to makeup counters to get their hands on the latest lipliners in the hope to look like their idol.

The holy grail of lip cosmetics is without a doubt MAC, specifically within the desi community.

Shades such as Velvet Teddy, Cherish, and Craving are amongst the highest selling products for brown skinned girls as their naturally nude tones provides a hint of colour in the lips, creating a warm, matte look.

These lipsticks come in at a reasonable price of £15.50, which is inexpensive and affordable.

Of course, you wouldn’t buy a MAC lipstick without its matching lip pencil, cue Spice – the go-to lip liner that accentuates the shape of your pout, and compliments the MAC lipsticks listed above.

At a price of £12.50, there really is no excuse not to look flawless.

DIOR FoundationPopular-Makeup-products-for-Brown-Skin-Tones

The heavyweight of beauty cosmetics is DIOR, providing flawless finishes for girls everywhere.

A number of makeup products are extremely popular on the DIOR counter, with desi girls opting for the same items time and time again.

In the foundation field, Diorskin Forever is the ultimate champion.

Beauty expert, Charlie, reveals why it is so popular amongst the desi community, stating:

“Asian girls tend to buy this in shades Honey Beige and Dark Beige. It provides an ultra-sensorial texture which effectively melts into the skin to provide a seamless complexion.”

With a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, and at a price of £32.50, this product is slightly expensive, but quite clearly a cut above the rest.

DIOR Illuminating PowderPopular-Makeup-products-for-Brown-Skin-Tones

It’s not just the DIOR foundation that is flying off the shelves, their illuminating powders are also a must have.

Golden highlighters are essential items in any desi girls makeup bag.

The DIOR illuminating kit provides you with that gorgeous glow, which many other brands merely fail to do.

Their gold beige and iridescent pink shades are their best sellers, and it’s no wonder why.

Desi girls love incorporating golden tones into their routine, so this product is perfect when creating that glowing goddess look.

NARS BlushersPopular-Makeup-products-for-Brown-Skin-Tones

Whilst many Asian girls so opt for highlights and bronzers to add a hint of colour onto their cheeks, NARS blushers are a great alternative when creating a natural flushed look.

Their high intensity hues delivers a silky finish once applied, as well as providing a soft, blendable application.

22 year old Shivani, from Birmingham, is an avid NARS fan, commenting:

“I absolutely love the NARS blushers. For Asian girls, the Taj Mahal and Orgasm shades are the best for our olive, dewy skin tones.”

At £23.00, this is one of the pricier blushers on the market, but its quality and precision makes it a beauty must have.

Other beauty products have also made waves within the desi cosmetic scene.

NYX is a contender in the lipstick game, with many brown skinned girls opting for shades with orange undertones.

Their matte lipsticks are the best sellers in their collection, providing a long lasting finish which endures all types of weathers.

At £6.50, the price of beauty has never been so inexpensive.

Illamasqua is another beauty brand that is great for brown skin tones, specifically their Skin Base Foundation.


Their shades range from 0.1 to 18, but shades above 10 on the chart are perfect for darker, warmer skin colours as they help create a warm, bronze type of look.

Again, this would be classed as more of a luxury item, coming in at a price of £32.50.

Their reviews are great, with girls flocking to the beauty counters to nab their latest items.

From high end to high street, it seems if a product does the job well, then we are willing to spend our money on makeup.

We have found that lipsticks, highlights, and blushes are the most popular items amongst desi girls, with the dream look consisting of warm, dewy tones.

In terms of brands and price ranges, they vary from day-to-day, proving that when it comes to makeup, if it works, it’s worth it.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

Images courtesy of Susie Morales Youtube Channel

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