Strobing Makeup Trend for Desi Skin Tones

Strobing is an amazing new make-up trend. It has taken over the Beauty world with the likes of Vogue India, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

Strobing for Desi Skin Tones

Perfect for ethnic and darker skin tones, strobing is the anti-contouring tool you need

The latest makeup technique, ‘Strobing’ has taken over the Western beauty world by storm.

With the likes of Vogue India, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine and Cosmopolitan writing rave appraisals, strobing has kicked contouring out of the building.

But did you know that strobing which highlights and brightens areas of the face has been used as a go-to makeup tip among Desi girls for years?

Perfect for ethnic and darker skin tones, strobing is the anti-contouring tool you need to build a natural glow.

Strobing for Desi Skin Tones

Whenever images of A list celebrities are portrayed in glossy magazines, their skin is luminous, gleaming and perfectly radiant.

No doubt to the envy of all reading, watching and observing these celebs. But what if you were able to create this candlelit glow upon your own faces which could quite easily rival these famous bodies?

Well don’t worry. DESIblitz is here to show you how to master the strobing technique for yourselves.

What is Strobing?

Strobing is a new trend for essentially ‘highlighting’ ones face using a cream or powder makeup product to imitate where light would naturally reflect off one’s face.

I.e. on the tops of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, above the eyebrows and above the lips, all which create a healthy, dewy look.

Strobing for Desi Skin Tones

This technique is perfect for those who feel that the ‘contour craze’, which is still so prevalent in the beauty industry is a bit tricky to achieve.

That’s even with the millions of tutorials on YouTube and the many different techniques you can use to achieve that chiselled and sculpted look which the likes of Kim Kardashian have made so famous today.

Strobing has shunned contouring out the back door since this technique sees adding highlighter to the face to produce that defined look without the use of shading which contouring helps to create.

It’s already been used heavily in the East among Pakistani celebs like Mehreen Syed, Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar and Humaima Malick.

Strobing for Desi Skin Tones

But how can you achieve this look for yourself?

What you will need:

  • A highly emollient cream or Vaseline OR
  • A shimmering gold eyeshadow or powder highlighter (light or dark depending on one’s skin tone) OR
  • An illuminating primer OR
  • A cream based highlighter

Either one of the above products will work when using this ‘strobing’ technique.

Strobing for Desi Skin Tones

Popular vlogger, Missy Lynn who posts many beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel advises:

“If you are a fair to medium tone, I would recommend using more of a champagne colour. If you are tanned to dark, I would use golds and deeper bronzed shades.”

“If you are of a fairer shade then you don’t want to use anything that’s too deep because it will start to look like you’re wearing bronzer.”

Get the Look!

  1. Primarily, ensure that your skin has been exfoliated, so you are free of any dry patches, cleansed and have moisturised thoroughly.
  2. Secondly, using any of the above products, with a makeup brush or even one’s fingers, pat the product above your cheekbones.
  3. Thirdly, dust the product on the tip of the nose for a lifted and natural highlight to mimic that glow.
  4. Apply some above the lips to create the illusion of a full pout and pat onto the inner corners of the eyes for that sparkle!
  5. Finish off with whatever is left on your brush by sweeping the brush directly above the arch of your eyebrows and set your face by loosely dusting the skin with a light powder.
  6. You have highlighted using the ‘strobing’ technique!

This technique is simple yet effective with even those who know nothing about makeup being able to achieve this look.

These steps are universal for all face shapes as opposed to contouring which is different to each face shape which may be the reason for this new makeup trend taking off by storm.

The trend of ‘strobing’, has most likely been used over the years by many makeup lovers and makeup artists alike but now has just been given a term.

This technique is essentially simply highlighting one’s face and is incredibly easy to do.

So if you are looking to change your makeup routine or look, try this technique and create a stunning natural looking glow!

Sakinah is an English and Law graduate who is a self-proclaimed beauty expert. She will provide you with tips to bring out your outer and inner beauty. Her motto: “Live and let live.”

Images courtesy of Luscious Cosmetics, Alexandre Pichon, Akif Ilyas, L'Oreal and Christina Cleary Instagram.

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