Poonam Pandey promises to go Topless on Lock Upp

Years after promising to go topless for the Indian cricket team, Poonam Pandey once again tried the same stunt while on ‘Lock Upp’.

Poonam Pandey promises to go Topless on Lock Upp - f

"I will give you a big surprise"

Payal Rohatgi could not believe that Poonam Pandey got the maximum votes in the latest episode of the ongoing reality show Lock Upp.

After the host, Kangana Ranaut announced that Poonam is safe from evictions as she received the maximum number of votes, among those named in the charge sheet.

Kangana had also informed the contestants that Payal received the least number of votes while Nisha stood second last on that list.

Before Kangana announced the eviction for the week, Payal told the camera:

“I have been asking for votes for a week now but you are unable to get those. I know you have genuine followers.

“And, how could Poonam manage to get the maximum number of votes? This is the narrative they want.”

In an earlier episode, Poonam had promised fans to take off her t-shirt.

After being named in the charge sheet, Poonam was among those likely to be evicted for the week.

Poonam looked at the camera and addressed her fans: “Hello, hello. Whoever is listening to this charge sheet, save me.

“I swear to God, I will give you a big surprise on camera live from Poonam Pandey and in Poonam Pandey style.

“Save me from the vote and then see what happens in this jail.”

Munawar Faruqui, Anjali Arora, Azma Fallah, Ali Merchant and Vinit Kakar were also present.

Vinit teased Poonam and said that she is just bluffing but won’t do anything.

Poonam then promised that she will take off her t-shirt if her fans save her from nominations.

In 2011, Poonam had promised her fans that she would strip down naked if the Indian Cricket Team won the World Cup.

While the Indian team won, Poonam Pandey was refused permission to do so.

In other news, Payal Rohatgi caused controversy on Lock Upp when she called her fellow contestant Zeeshan Khan a “terrorist”.

The heated confrontation stemmed after the contestants were shown news reports of Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai stating that he would look into the demand of banning Halal meat.

The orange team, which included Zeeshan and Payal, then debated the matter.

Payal supported the possibility of a ban, saying:

“I think the way animal is butchered in Halal where it sees its blood flowing, that torture should be done.

“Halal meat means you are promoting a religion indirectly through the selling of that meat.”

Zeeshan objected to her opinion, leading to an argument.

The pair then started shouting at each other, with Payal claiming that Halal meat “promotes terrorism” before saying Zeeshan is a product of it.

When Poonam Pandey intervened, Payal told her:

“Go on abuse. You only know two things, either abuse or taking off your clothes.”

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