Poonam Pandey fulfils ‘Topless’ Vow on Lock Upp

Poonam Pandey previously promised to take her top off on ‘Lock Upp’. She has now kept her promise, but is all it seems?

Poonam Pandey fulfils 'Topless' Vow on Lock Upp f

Poonam Pandey fulfilled her promise of taking off her top on Lock Upp, but not in the way many expected.

Poonam was previously named in the charge sheet and was unhappy as it meant she could face eviction.

In a bid to save herself from eviction, she told her fans:

“Hello, hello. Whoever is listening to this charge sheet, save me.

“I swear to God, I will give you a big surprise on camera live from Poonam Pandey and in Poonam Pandey style.

“Save me from the vote and then see what happens in this jail.”

She later told her fellow contestants that she will take off her t-shirt if she is saved from eviction.

Now after being saved, Poonam went through with her promise.

Poonam stood in the main communal area and ensured that none of her inmates were around.

She then lifted her top up and removed it, but it was not what some viewers expected as Poonam was wearing a bra underneath.

As Poonam is known for posting nude pictures and videos, many viewers believed she would go fully topless on Lock Upp.

She then quickly puts her top back on and runs off when she hears a contestant coming.

Poonam Pandey later stated that she fulfilled her promise and clarified why she did not go fully topless.

Addressing the camera, she said:

“I kept my promise of removing the T-shirt but I can’t break the rules.

“This is a very beautiful platform and is watched by different age groups and I don’t want to do something which can make people unhappy.

“I wanted to fulfil the promise, but at the same time, I didn’t want to cross any limits.

“I kept that in mind.”

Poonam then explained that she would provide even more entertainment on the show and also hinted that after the show ends, she will post bold content.

She said:

“People who are waiting to see me take off my t-shirt completely, I promise when I come out I will do everything.”

“I promise this entire week I will give you a full dose of entertainment.

“Remember you, seductress princess, I’ll keep entertaining you.”

Munawar Faruqui then walked in and upon seeing him, Poonam hysterically laughs before telling him that she kept the promise she made to the viewers but stayed within the limits.

This initially shocked Munawar before the pair laugh.

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