Payal Rohatgi calls Zeeshan Khan a Terrorist on Lock Upp

A heated confrontation on ‘Lock Upp’ saw Payal Rohatgi call Zeeshan Khan a “terrorist”, resulting in chaos among the contestants.

Payal Rohatgi calls Zeeshan Khan a Terrorist on Lock Upp f

"either abuse or taking off your clothes."

Payal Rohatgi caused controversy on Lock Upp when she called fellow contestant Zeeshan Khan a “terrorist”.

The heated confrontation stemmed after the contestants were shown news reports of Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai stating that he would look into the demand of banning Halal meat.

The orange team – which included Zesshan and Payal – then debated the matter.

Payal supported the possibility of a ban, saying:

“I think the way animal is butchered in Halal where it sees its blood flowing, that torture should be done.

“Halal meat means you are promoting a religion indirectly through the selling of that meat.”

Zeeshan objected to her opinion, leading to an argument.

The pair then start shouting at each other, with Payal claiming that Halal meat “promotes terrorism” before saying Zeeshan is a product of it.

This enrages Zeeshan, who sticks his middle finger at her, telling her: “F*** you.”

Fellow contestants sided with Zeeshan, calling out Payal for her comments. However, it escalated things, with Payal shouting at them also.

When blue team member Poonam Pandey intervened, Payal told her:

“Go on abuse. You only know two things, either abuse or taking off your clothes.”

This saw Poonam angrily shouting at Payal through the metal bars that separate both teams.

Nisha Rawal supports Poonam, telling Payal that taking one’s clothes off is better than taking off their soul.

Payal then turns her attention to Nisha, mentioning her ex-husband Karan Mehra.

When Iranian actress Mandana Karimi intervened, Payal Rohatgi told her that she cannot wear clothes of her choosing in her home country.

Zeeshan alleged that during the confrontation, Payal also spat at him.

Viewers were outraged with Payal’s comments, with many calling for action to be taken against her.

One said: “This is obscene. Payal Rohatgi is a proven turd.

“She is the archetypal moron who even right-wings don’t accept.”

“But what is this Lock Upp reality show about to allow this sort of bigotry?

“Mumbai Police, arrest her for such inflammatory comments.”

Host Kangana Ranaut later criticised Payal for her remarks, saying:

“Payal has been to jail and landed in trouble for several times in the past for making controversial remarks.

“This is the reason why even right-wings also don’t support her.”

Payal later apologised for her comments, however, there are reports that police action will be taken.

According to Sameer Shaikh, he said: “Just spoke with a senior officer of police.

“They are exploring the probability of arresting Payal Rohatgi from the set for the communal remarks and calling Muslims terrorists.

“Adding the names of makers (ALTBalaji) in the FIR is also being worked on.”

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