Zeeshan Khan eliminated from Lock Upp after he hits Azma

Zeeshan Khan was eliminated from ‘Lock Upp’ after he got into a physical fight with Azma Fallah. The actor hit her in the eye with a broom.

Zeeshan Khan eliminated from Lock Upp after he hits Azma - f

"If I was here I would have broken your legs."

Zeeshan Khan, who was previously evicted from Bigg Boss OTT for getting physical with Pratik Sehajpal, has been ousted from a reality show once again for getting violent.

In the latest episode of Lock Upp, jailor Karan Kundrra ousted Zeeshan from the captivity-based reality show for hitting Azma Fallah.

Karan also criticised Azma for making personal comments about Zeeshan and other contestants.

Zeeshan Khan had recently threatened Azma Fallah with violence for the second time on Lock Upp after she made some comments about his girlfriend Reyhna.

He even hit her in the eye with a broom after she told him that he can’t dare to touch her.

Azma was seen in tears while other contestants tried to control Zeeshan.

Host Kangana Ranaut had also reacted to the incident on her Instagram account, saying that violence against women is never acceptable.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Kangana wrote: “I have noted the incident between Zeeshan Khan and Azma Fallah in Lock Upp that happened yesterday and I strongly believe that any kind of violence against women is completely unacceptable.”

She also hosted a poll, asking people if they agree or disagree with her opinion.

Kangana and Karan had also given Zeeshan a punishment, giving him the option to either leave the show or crouch 50 times and say to Azma that he will never do such violence to her or any other girl.

Zeeshan chose to apologise. However, Karan Kundrra later paid a surprise visit to Lock Upp and ousted Zeeshan after having a long discussion about the incident.

Karan told Zeeshan: “The way you assaulted a woman, do you know the legal implications of this s**t?

“The way you snatched the broom from her, if anyone had acted this way with my sister, I would’ve broken his hand. And then you hit her with that broom.”

Karan added: “Do you treat a woman like this? If I was here I would have broken your legs.”

In his defence, Zeeshan admitted his mistake, but added: “It was three weeks of so much, continuously day and night saying ‘your girlfriend is sleeping around, your parents are dead.’

“It mentally affects you, it’s also a form of mental abuse.”

Karan told him that he should have complained about that instead of hitting a woman, before telling him that he is locked out.

Karan also rebuked Azma and told her: “I am not saying that you are right, but what has happened with you here, I won’t allow that.”

As she tried to defend her actions, Karan said: “Shut up, absolutely zip it.”

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