Sara Khan storms off when Ex-Husband enters ‘Lock Upp’

Lock Upp’s Sara Khan was less than happy when it was revealed that her ex-husband Ali Merchant would enter the show as a contestant.

Sara Khan storms off when Ex-Husband enters Lock Upp f

"Sara's mood has changed after Ali's entry."

Ali Merchant is the newest contestant on Lock Upp, and his ex-wife Sara Khan was less than happy.

After Tehseen Poonawalla’s eviction, Ali was announced as the 14th contestant.

A promo showed host Kangana Ranaut handcuffing Ali for being a “publicity seeker”.

Ali and Sara got married on Bigg Boss in 2010 but separated just two months later.

A new promo showed Ali’s entry into the show and his ex-wife’s reaction. The video was captioned:

“Sara’s mood has changed after Ali’s entry. What happens next?”

The video begins with Ali Merchant entering Lock Upp whilst disguised as a guard. He then removes his mask.

He greets his surprised co-contestants. Meanwhile, Sara leaves the area, looking visibly upset.

Ali says: “So I am the new prisoner over here. Lovely meeting you guys. So let me give you all a standing ovation. I think you guys are doing fantastic, and it’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you.”

Ex-wife Sara remains in the kitchen looking upset.

On March 13, 2022, viewers were told that Ali would be entering the show.

A voiceover said: “It’s easy to forget ex-boyfriends, but if ex-husband comes in front of you again, things get even crazier.

“Sara Khan’s past is becoming her present. Queen’s Lock Upp, enter Ali Merchant.”

Viewers were excited about the potential drama that will happen on the show.

One person said: “Viewers be like: Now it will be fun.”

But others felt sorry for Shivam Sharma who repeatedly expresses his feelings towards Sara Khan on the show, with one saying:

“What’ll happen to Shivam?”

Some believed Ali’s entry was unfair on Sara.


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Ali previously said that he would love to be on Lock Upp. He also stated that if Sara spoke about him on the show, he would have enough answers to silence everyone.

Ali and Sara married on Bigg Boss 4 but divorced just two months later.

There were claims that they had received money from the makers to get married on the show.

Ali confirmed the allegations on Sach Ka Saamna.

Sara had also referred to the marriage as a “nightmare”.

Lock Upp streams on AltBalaji and MX Player every night.

The reality show sees contestants in a prison-like setting and they must complete tasks in order to obtain basic necessities.

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