Pakistani Teacher throws Acid at Student

A Pakistani teacher at an IT coaching centre in Karachi carried out an acid attack on his student following an argument.

Pakistani Teacher throws Acid at Student f

This was done at an IT coaching centre

In a horrific incident, a Pakistani teacher threw acid at a student following a heated argument.

The teacher, identified as Iftikhar, was quickly arrested following the assault on Alisha.

Aside from Alisha, her two uncles Noman and Faizan also suffered injuries during the altercation.

The trio are presently undergoing treatment at Civil Hospital in Karachi.

More details reveal that the argument turned physical when Iftikhar and another person named Waqar attacked Alisha and her uncles.

This was done at an IT coaching centre and it escalated from a verbal dispute. The disagreement initially started over collecting a certificate.

As per the FIR filed by Alisha’s uncle, Noman, the attack was pre-planned. He was sure of this because Iftikhar took a bottle of acid from his pocket and threw it at them.

This violent attack has sparked widespread condemnation.

The public emphasises the pressing requirement for tighter control and awareness regarding the use of harmful substances.

Following the attack, the police quickly took action, registering a case at Aziz Bhatti Police Station against Iftikhar and his accomplice.

This event has sparked renewed discussions about laws against acid attacks and the safety of students and teachers in educational institutions.

This is not an isolated case, as seen in an earlier attack in Lahore’s Shahdara Town.

In that instance, a schoolteacher was attacked due to a rejected marriage proposal.

Individuals point out the troubling pattern of violence against women and the use of acid as a weapon.

One person suggested: “Authorities should take psychological and personality tests strictly before giving jobs to teachers.

“Some teachers are actually mad, and they are a threat to students.”

Another asked: “Why is there still provision of acid to anyone and everyone? Do they not see what it is doing to the society?

“It is always mostly males who ruin the lives of women just to satisfy their male ego. It is a sick country full of sick men.”

One expressed: “It breaks my heart to think about the girl’s future. Her entire life she would have to see her scarred reflection and live with this defect.

“While the criminal would get a bail soon and live his life; free to throw more acid on more women.”

Another commented: “This is absolutely barbaric. To do something so idiotic in a place where knowledge is provided. Illiteracy at its peak.”

One remarked: “Poor girl. He ruined her life.”

The community groups are standing with Alisha and her family, urging for justice and stricter measures to prevent similar attacks.

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