Pakistani Doctor marries Hospital Housekeeper

In a video, a Pakistani doctor shared how she married a housekeeper who worked at the same hospital as her.

Pakistani Doctor marries Hospital Housekeeper f

Later that day, she proposed to him.

A Pakistani doctor explained how she fell in love and married a housekeeper who worked at the same hospital as her.

Dr Kishwar Sahiba said she proposed to Shahzad, a housekeeping staff member at the same hospital.

The couple spoke about their relationship on the YouTube channel Mera Pakistan.

They live in Dipalpur in Okara Tehsil, Punjab.

They shared how they met and fell in love with each other despite the differences in relation to their social status. Due to their differing economic statuses, they faced many challenges.

Kishwar revealed that she fell for Shahzad’s admiration while Shahzad found the doctor very beautiful.

Kishwar worked as a doctor at a hospital. At the same hospital, Shahzad cleaned the wards and would serve tea.

One day, Kishwar asked for his phone number and the pair started talking regularly.

Shahzad shared a post on his WhatsApp status and Kishwar liked it. Later that day, she proposed to him.

Reportedly, Shahzad was so shocked by the proposal that he ended up catching a fever.

The Pakistani doctor explained that when she met Shahzad for the first time, he did not appear to be a cleaner or a chaiwala.

She proposed to Shahzad because she did not want to lose the possibility of a wonderful marriage with him.

Kishwar stated that people in Pakistan tend to marry within the same economic class but despite that, she married Shahzad.

After the wedding, she ended up quitting her job as people in the community mocked her for marrying a housekeeper. Even her own colleagues made fun of her.

But Kishwar did not let the taunts affect her. She and Shahzad now plan to open their own clinic.

Their interview amassed over 840,000 views and many viewers took to the comments to wish the couple well.

One person said: “Our Prophet Muhammad saw guided us few principles while choosing a life partner in which the most important one was character ikhlaq of a person.

“It doesn’t matter if that person is rich or a professional degree holder. If a high profile person lacks character, it’s of no use then.”

Another said: “Congratulations to the couple and their families.”

A third person commented: “Stay blessed both of you.”

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