Otilia Bruma performs her First Concert in Lahore

Romanian singer Otilia Bruma held her first concert in Lahore, leaving fans overjoyed. Many are asking her to perform in other cities as well.

Otilia Bruma performs her First Concert in Lahore f

"First time in Lahore! Love it."

Romanian singer Otilia Bruma recently brought her enchanting musical prowess to Lahore for the first time.

She is a multifaceted talent recognised for her contributions to pop and dance music.

The ecstatic audience, pulsating with enthusiasm, contributed to an atmosphere charged with palpable excitement.

The event unfolded seamlessly, with Otilia’s talent and charisma captivating the hearts of all in attendance.

Taking to Instagram, Otilia shared a post that encapsulated the moment, featuring her on stage with the exuberant crowd in the background.

The photo was captioned with: “First time in Lahore! Love it.”

Fans quickly flooded the comments, applauding her looks and talent.

One comment read: “Happiness looks gorgeous on you.”

Another admirer exclaimed: “You looked so beautiful!”

One user said: “Have a wonderful time in Pakistan.”

Otilia Bruma also posted a video of her on stage, performing for the wild crowd.

The overwhelming response extended beyond Lahore, as fans from other cities expressed their desire for performances in their localities.

One person asked: “When are you coming to Karachi?”

Another requested: “Again in Pakistan! When are you coming to Multan?”

One said: “Please have a concert in Islamabad too!”


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This showcased the ‘Billionera’ singer’s growing popularity.

However, there was some criticism towards Otilia’s choice of her attire for the evening.

Some people were not so happy about her top which was a leather shirt with straps.

They claim the singer’s shirt was too revealing and she should have considered Pakistani culture whilst dressing up.

Some of them cited her old post which featured her wearing a hijab, claiming she had no problem wearing it.

One person said:

“At least she should have taken into consideration; the culture of the place she is performing at.”

Another said: “Clothed but still unclothed, I can see everything.”

One wrote: “So the laws are for locals only?

“What’s the point of having these laws if you are going to invite people who dress like this? You are promoting vulgarity either way.”

Another commented: “In Pakistan hijab is missing. The least you could do is dress modestly.”

Otilia Bruma left the concert completely covering her upper body and head with a cloth with security keeping people away.

Fans can be heard chanting “I love you Otilia” in the background.

Netizens are questioning why she chose to cover herself only at the end with many labelling it as a publicity stunt.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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