One-Woman Pakistani Army to Defeat Breast Cancer

Dr Zubaida Qazi is the founder of Pink Pakistan Trust and is working to improve the awareness of breast cancer for women in Pakistan.

One-Woman Pakistani Army to Defeat Breast Cancer f

“In fact, we must realise it is like other diseases"

A dedicated doctor by profession and a philanthropist, Dr Zubaida Qazi is the founder of Pink Pakistan Trust and is fighting the ailment of breast cancer for women in Pakistan.

She has tirelessly worked to improve the infrastructure of the public health system.

Dr Qazi is devising a referral mechanism and ensuring the provision of much-needed counselling services to breast cancer patients in Pakistan.

Now, she is launching a mobile application in different local languages that will assist women to do self-screening for breast cancer.

The app aims to provide free of cost consultation with national and international specialist doctors and psychiatrists.

Over 90,000 females confront breast cancer, however, 40,000 females die each year due to breast cancer in Pakistan.

Awareness and early diagnose cum treatment is imperative to improve the chances of surviving breast cancer.

So, it can be said that if the disease is diagnosed early, most of the women can be “cured” of this sort of cancer. The main key is to diagnose at earlier stages.

In Pakistan, there are various organisations working for the same cause.

However, Dr Qazi is the powerful voice articulating awareness treatment to prevent this disease.

She believes it is a social stigma in Pakistan where a large part of patriarchal society starts fearing or even ignoring females suffering from breast cancer.

Dr Qazi believes: “In fact, we must realise it is like other diseases in one of the parts of our body and it is curable if diagnosed at an earlier stage.”

In Pakistan, there is a National Program for Early Detection of Breast Cancer through which every woman is trained in examining herself.

Owing to such initiatives in western societies, this phenomenon has decreased significantly.

Dr Qazi has launched a very fruitful awareness platform where she has summarized all her initiatives to fight with this disease.

In the video, Dr Qazi explains the social stigma associated with breast cancer.


According to Dr Qazi, Pink Pakistan is cognizant of the fact that empowering the women of Pakistan will aid in driving a force of change.

The Pink Pakistan Trust aims to promote women empowerment particularly focusing on economic empowerment of the women of the marginalised community.

To fulfil this goal and focus on the financial stability of women throughout the country, Pink Pakistan has established ties with Akhuwat, which is one of the world’s largest interest-free microfinance organisations.

As well as multiple educational institutions such as Iqra University, Quaid-e-Azam University, Karachi University, Allama Iqbal University and Jinnah SMC University.

The organisations have found similarities in interests and aim to help the underprivileged community in Pakistan.

These organisations and institutions aid Pink Pakistan is through volunteer programs, joint researches, community engagements, and training and capacity building.

She is further developing an international alliance with COMSTECH of Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) to create awareness about breast cancer in the Islamic countries.

Dr Qazi is committed to mobilising the community and taking all the stakeholders on board to provide holistic support for the well-being and welfare of Pakistani women.

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