Mosharraf Karim to Make Chorki Debut with ‘Daag’

Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim is set to make his debut on the streaming platform Chorki with the film ‘Daag’.

Mosharraf Karim to Make Chorki Debut with 'Daag'

"The story of these indelible spots is what the project is all about."

Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim will make his debut on the streaming platform Chorki with the film Daag.

The film is directed by Sanjoy Somadder.

The film revolves around the barriers of society and how we need to overcome these obstacles to create a free atmosphere for everyone.

Mosharraf said: “We don’t want to keep a ‘Daag’ (blemish) in our minds, as it is something which reminds us of our mistakes.

“We may have come a long way, erasing many kinds of stains.

“However, there are still some blemishes present in our society that we have failed to remove.

“The story of these indelible spots is what the project is all about.

“The audience will discover me in a new way through this series. I am thankful to Chorki for giving me this opportunity.”

Aisha Khan also stars in the film. Speaking about her experience, Aisha said:

“I didn’t do any special preparations for this role, other than mentally preparing myself for this character.

“I listened attentively to what the director said, took time to prepare myself, and stood in front of the camera.”

Admitting that the role was challenging, Aisha continued:

“It was a big challenge for me to play the character of Ira.

“I tried to forget Aisha as a person and fully immersed myself in the feelings of Ira, while shooting.”

Sanjoy added: “The experience of working with Mosharraf Karim has always been a pleasure for me. Everyone else also did a great job.

“But I must mention Aisha Khan’s performance separately. She really impressed me.”

Daag also stars Nishat Priom, Shomu Chowdhury, Shilpi Sharkar Apu, Naresh Bhuiyan, Mili Basher and Masum Basher among others.

Mosharraf Karim was seen in the series Mohanagar, in which he played the Officer in Charge of Kotwali Police Station, Dhaka.

The series was well-received among critics and viewers, with an 8.6 rating on IMDb.

Mohanagar streamed on Hoichoi and it is set to return for a second series, however, it is not known when it will be back.

Mosharraf Karim is a Bangladeshi actor, who works both in films and television.

He began working as a theatre artist in the late 1980s with Nattokendro. He also played lead roles in many popular theatre productions for 16 years continuously.

Some of his best-known films include Mukhosh, Komola Rocket and Dictionary.

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