Mohammad Ahmed & Shamim Hilaly discuss Modern Marriages

During an interview, Mohammad Ahmed and Shamim Hilaly discussed modern marriages and compared them with those in the past.

Mohammad Ahmed & Shamim Hilaly discuss Modern Marriages f

“They do not have time and patience to develop trust"

Mohammad Ahmed and Shamim Hilaly shared their insights on the differences between marriages of today and those of the past.

Mohammad expressed concern over the high divorce rates prevalent in modern marriages.

He attributed this trend to a lack of willingness among couples to compromise and understand each other.

According to him, contemporary television often portrays divorce as a trivial matter, leading to its normalisation in society.

However, he emphasised that divorce is not as simple as depicted on screen and does not reflect reality.

Mohammad said: “I think compromises and patience are lost now. On TV, they are portraying it as if divorce is no big deal.”

The increasing number of divorces among showbiz couples reflects this trend.

He continued: “They do not have time and patience to develop trust and connection with their spouses.”

Shamim said: “I think women were compromising a lot in the past and now they have changed while men have almost stayed the same. Women are now more independent.

“Men have conventional expectations. They want their wife to look good and be good to them but never challenge their authority.”

Despite these challenges, Mohammad and Shamim acknowledged positive changes in modern relationships.

They highlighted the practice of engaged couples spending time together and building a friendship before marriage.

This trend fosters understanding and compatibility between partners, laying a stronger foundation for their relationship.

Mohammad said: “People have become less materialistic, especially men. They do not demand dowry like they used to.”

Moreover, the veteran actors observed that some individuals may believe they do not need a life partner, particularly when young.

However, as they age, priorities change and the desire for companionship grows stronger.

Mohammad Ahmed and Shamim advised individuals to consider the long-term benefits of having a supportive life partner, especially in middle age.

Their fans agreed with their statements.

A user wrote: “I like how they acknowledge that times have changed now.”

Another added: “It feels so amazing to watch these two incredible actors speak about their craft.

“Shamim Hilaly Ma’am is so graceful and elegant. And I’ve always admired Ahmed Sir for his writing.”

One said: “They are right. The divorce rate is high because women are more independent. They are aware of their value as well as their rights.”

Mohammad Ahmed and Shamim Hilaly have garnered respect for their intelligence and stellar performances over the years.

In both their personal and professional lives, they have found success and contentment.


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