Did SRK and Aamir Khan discuss Film Rights in Netflix meeting?

SRK and Aamir Khan had a Netflix meeting with the company’s CEO. Rumours claim the trio discussed Netflix owning the film rights of their upcoming films.

Did SRK and Aamir Khan discuss Film Rights in Netflix meeting?

The trio discussed the film rights of future SRK and Aamir Khan films.

Bollywood legends Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan arranged a Netflix meeting with the company’s CEO, Reed Hastings.

While no reason has been confirmed, sources have surfaced, claiming they know the true purpose of the meeting. Apparently the trio have discussed film rights of SRK and Aamir Khan’s future productions.

This could potentially mean that Netflix will be the first to show their films after their release. Before even the likes of Sony.

The Netflix meeting took place on 12th March 2017. While none of the parties gave a specific reason for the meet-up, they appeared happy to share it on Twitter:

Recent reports have surfaced claiming the Netflix meeting was for business purposes. In particurlar, the trio reportedly discussed the film rights of future SRK and Aamir Khan films.

A source reportedly said: “Netflix wants to buy the rights of all films of Shah Rukh and Aamir which hit theatres from now on.

“This means that you will see the films of these two Khans first on Netflix and not on Sony/Star/Colors/Zee.”

Currently, the Bollywood legends’ films go directly to other channels such as Sony after film releases. However, if the Netflix meeting’s plan goes successfully, then things will change drastically for upcoming SRK and Aamir Khan films.

Instead, they will go directly to Netflix and become available after reportedly 4-6 weeks of their release. If other channels want the films, they need to buy them through Netflix.

Earlier on 14th March 2017, before these rumours appeared, Aamir Khan attempted to defuse any speculation. Using his 52nd birthday press conference as an opportunity, he said:

“Recently, there was a get together. We are just meeting, just as friends. We are meeting casually, haven’t discussed work.”

However, SRK and Reed Hastings remain quiet on the meeting’s purpose. Until then, the speculation will surely continue.

The meeting came after SRK suffered an injury on his arm. The injury required him to face shoulder surgery, and has since been wearing his arm in a cast. It’s the second time he has needed this kind of surgery.

However, it seems fans appear more concerned about the rumours behind the Netflix meeting! No doubt official word will arrive soon.

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Images courtesy of Shahrukh Khan's Twitter and Wired.

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