Aamir Khan distribution to Leave SRK, Salman and Akshay Behind?

Reports suggest that Aamir Khan is planning to delve into film distribution. Could this mean he will leave fellow actors SRK, Salman and Akshay behind?

Aamir Khan distribution to Leave SRK, Salman and Akshay Behind?

He would avoid the cost of adding a third party into the process of making films.

Aamir Khan hails as one of the four top Bollywood actors in modern times. Alongside SRK, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, he delivers outstanding performances and witnessed great reactions to his films.

While also working as a great actor, he has achieved success in directing and producing. But now, new reports suggest he will also pursue distribution. If so, this could mean he will leave his rivals behind and potentially earn bigger profits.

On 11th September 2017, speculation arisen suggesting that Aamir Khan is keen to become a distributor. Reports also add he will produce a distribution wing under his film company, Aamir Khan Productions.

But some may ask, what exactly does the role mean? It involves distributing a film through cinemas. They also have to buy the “distribution rights” from producers first in order to present films to cinemas. The expense of this right often depends on factors such as the casting, crew and even past successes.

According to the rumours, should Aamir Khan become such a figure, it would reduce the cost of distribution for his films. He would avoid the cost of adding a third party into the process of making films. This would also lead to the company earning bigger profits and a return on investments.

Aamir Khan would also get a bigger paycheck. Perhaps he could eventually earn more money than SRK, Salman and Akshay, who all featured in Forbes’ Highest Paid Actors’ List 2017?

However, reports have only speculated on which film will see Aamir Khan as its distributor. Currently, the actor has two projects underway: Secret Superstar and Thugs of Hindostan. Both films have already secured distributors by Zee Studios and Yash Raj Films respectively.

Some outlets have pointed towards the upcoming Rakesh Sharma biopic; perhaps this will involve Aamir’s first venture into distribution?

If the reports do indeed contain truth, this would mean the actor carries a big threat to SRK, Salman and Akshay. One in which would mean greater success for him, perhaps even beating the huge profits of Dangal?

Until then, fans will have to keep a close eye on whether Aamir Khan will confirm the reports.

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Images courtesy of Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan Official Facebook.

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