Man jailed for Stamping British Airways Hostess Lover to Death

A baggage handler has been jailed for brutally stamping his British Airways hostess lover to death in a violent attack.

Man jailed for Stamping British Airways Hostess Lover to Death f

"She obviously died a brutal and slow death"

Jayesh Gobar, aged 36, of Crawley, West Sussex, has been jailed for life over the “unimaginably savage” murder of his British Airways hostess lover.

The baggage handler had stamped 58-year-old Nelly Myers to death at her home in Rotherfield, East Sussex, on December 17, 2019.

Hove Crown Court heard that Gobar attacked Mrs Myers in a fit of rage after she refused to give him money to fund his drug habit.

Richard Hearnden, prosecuting, said that Mrs Myers, a customers services host for British Airways (BA) at Gatwick Airport, was having a “passionate” relationship with Gobar and was “devoted” to him.

Gobar had been jailed in 2018 for a violent robbery of Mrs Myers but she restarted the relationship after he left prison.

Mrs Myers was born in Lima, Peru. She worked for the country’s national airline before meeting BA pilot Kevin Myers, whom she married.

She moved to the UK and had two sons, James and David.

The family lived in “a suburban-looking detached house” but after the marriage ended in 2014, the hostess occupied the property alone.

Mr Hearnden said: “Mrs Myers fell in love with Mr Gobar, there is no other way of putting this, she was totally obsessed with him and was devoted to him.

“What they had was an irregular and turbulent but often passionate acquaintance.

“Sexual intimacy happened but was infrequent; while she craved company and attention, he on the other hand seemed to be only interested in her money.

“She was always giving him cash and he was using that cash for drugs.”

The hostess was found dead at her home on the evening of December 18 after her son James called police.

She was found lying partially dressed in the hallway having suffered multiple injuries. A post-mortem found she died of severe head injuries.

Gobar’s footprint was found on scattered paperwork in the house and her blood was found on his shoes when he was arrested.

Mr Hearnden added: “Mr Gobar was not a professional killer, he killed her in a fit of rage in order to steal from her thereby to feed a drug habit.”

In a statement, Mr Myers said: “Nelly was the kind of person I would like to be, her presence, charisma and charm were incredible.

“She obviously died a brutal and slow death and I cannot comprehend the pain and suffering she must have endured.

“She was a strong woman and would have fought for her life but she didn’t stand a chance.”

Judge Christine Laing QC said: “What is clear is that Nelly Myers would not give you any money and, in order to get it from her over the next one hour and a quarter, you subjected her to a prolonged and savage attack.

“The terror and trauma of that final hour of her life is unimaginable.”

“There were few areas of her body that you did not kick, stamp or punch.

“She had sustained 23 rib fractures and a traumatic brain injury of the type most commonly seen in high-speed car crashes.

“One of the most poignant images was a clump of her hair found in the hallway, no doubt ripped from her head by you as she tried to flee from what should have been the safety and sanctity of her own home.

“It was an act of utter brutality on a defenceless woman. I have detected not one shred of remorse on your part for what you did to a woman who had only ever tried to help you.”

The judge added that Gobar then spat all over the house to vent his “fury” at his hostess lover for not giving him any money.

Gobar was jailed for life with a minimum term of 27 years.

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