10 Looks from the Vogue India Wedding Show 2018

The Vogue India Wedding Show 2018 had several beautiful gowns that were carefully crafted by the finest fashion designers in the country.

Vogue India

Through fashion, they want to "put subtle India on contemporary fashion"

Celebrating its sixth birthday, the Vogue India Wedding Show showcased beautiful lehengas, sarees, gowns and jewellery.

The event was a luxury amalgam of the country’s leading designers and their latest couture masterpieces.

Many of the designers at the prestigious fashion event are well-known fashion and jewellery designers in India and abroad.

DESIblitz looks at some of the best jewellery and dresses from Vogue Wedding Show 2018.

From different types of Indian jewellery showcased at the event and to the beautiful ethnic outfits.

Jade by Monica and Karishma

Vogue India

To quote Vogue India: “Nothing speaks elegance like ivory.”

The creators of this dress are Jade by Monica and Karishma. They refer to their clothing line as a love child between modernity and Indian heritage.

It’s clear that this look is a fusion of traditional Indian lehengas and modern chic gowns.

The heavily embroidered ivory gown is paired with a gold necklace that has subtle hints of red and gold.

Her hair is placed in a side parting and left natural with a very slight wave in the hair.

The dress consists of one colour throughout and the embroidery works its way down to the bottom of the dress.

Another great way to style this dress would be to wear a light pink lip colour and place your hair into a loose low bun with small but bold earrings.

But adding one or two subtle ivory coloured rings would compliment this look really well.

Anita Dongre

Vogue India

Vogue India describes Anita Dongre’s latest creation as the perfect orange sunset lehenga for your wedding day.

The focal point of this look is the intricate embroidery throughout the lehenga and dupatta that is draped over her right shoulder.

Another transparent dupatta is used to cover her head. This dupatta has a subtle gold and has an orange border and tassels are used right at the bottom.

The left-hand side of the dupatta touches the floor whereas on the right it reaches her waist.

Subtle jewellery and makeup have been chosen in this look. The model opts for a nude lip and blusher that compliments the orange colour of the lehenga.

The necklaces and jewellery have been kept simple and no bangles have been used.

Gaurav Gupta

Vogue India
Red will always be the colour of courage and passion.

Gaurav Gupta’s dress is bold and fierce. The two main colours used are red and silver.

The lehenga consists of soft undertones of black and silver throughout, which makes it so dramatic.

The dupatta is used more as a shawl because it has been tailored to be wrapped around the model’s arms.

Although this look is very dramatic, it has several understated elements, the blouse is only off-the-shoulder on the left side.

There is no parting and the hair is placed in a bun at the back of her head. This draws attention to the strong lip colour used.

This lip colour works so well because it is a darker shade of the dress and has strong purple undertones.

Manish Malhotra

Vogue India
Manish Malhotra is the creator of this dramatic wedding look.

One of the best things about this look is that one colour is used throughout.

Even the makeup is kept to a minimum. The only external colour added is her black nails and earrings that are a bright shade of silver.

The white tassels on both shoulders could be acting as a substitution for a dupatta. This underestimated and often unnoticed transition makes this gown standout amongst others.

A key aspect in this dress is the consistency in the design.

The same embroidery is followed in the blouse all the way to the bottom of the dress.

The look is styled with a very faint pink lip colour, minimal makeup and prominent brows.

A middle parting has been created and the hair has been pushed behind the right ear.

Shantanu & Nikhil

Vogue India

Shantanu & Nikhil are the creators of this unconventional look.

A lot of their designs consist of statement drapes.

They say through fashion, they want to “put subtle India on contemporary fashion”.

This has all the requirements to be considered as a traditional Indian lehenga until you notice the dupatta seems to be replaced for a statement lantern sleeve on the right shoulder.

The lehenga is heavily and sporadically pleated, which compliments and works well with the chosen hairstyle.

The blouse consists of an understated design and is a few shades lighter than the bottom half.

In this look, the necklace has pink undertones and compliments the overall shade of the lehenga.

The model sports a strong winged eyeliner and a dark matte lip.

The loose strand of hair on the left-hand side of her face pulls the look together perfectly.

Making this the perfect wedding-guest look if you are hoping to make a statement!

Shyamal & Bhumika

Vogue India

This lehenga would make the perfect wedding dress.

The strong mix of gold and red makes the dress feel traditional and rustic.

However, the transparent green dupatta and the fact that the left sleeve of her blouse is slightly off the shoulder provides the look with a modern status.

This outfit is styled with one long mala that reaches the model’s mid-drift.

Her hair has been placed into a side parting and she is not wearing earrings, bangles. or a bold lip colour.

This places all the attention on the intricately designed floral detailing throughout the lehenga.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Vogue India

Sabyasachi is one of the biggest Indian Fashion houses when it comes to traditional Indian clothing.

Note how Sabyasachi is the only look where the model is wearing a tikka (headpiece).

The main colours wedding outfit are cream, pink, green and gold and the ensemble of colours compliment each other.

In this look the necklace, earrings and tikka match, and no bangles.

It’s interesting how this traditional lehenga also uses two dupattas (Anita Dongre did the same with her orange lehenga).

One to drape over her body and the other to cover her head.

Sabyasachi has styled this look with a prominent brow and golden undertones in her cheeks.

A key feature in this look is that the blouse and lehenga match and the two dupattas match.

This makes the ensemble seem very well thought out and put together.

Occasions Fine Jewellery

Vogue India

The floral detailing on the saree compliments and highlights that the focal point of this look is the necklace.

The green necklace and matching earrings compliment the red lip perfectly.

This green statement necklace created by Occasions Fine Jewellery creates a layered look.

Consisting of a loose choker, it is followed by a slightly bigger and longer necklace.

The look is finished with a final necklace that has a bold cream chain and a green stone at the bottom.

A good tip for layering necklaces is to be sure that the necklace colours match or compliment each other.

Khanna Jewellers

Vogue India

The main colours in this look are black and gold with small hints of green and beige on the jewellery.

The lehenga has a simple border that matches the colour of the blouse. The hair has been separated into a middle parting and left in loose curls.

A staple part of this look is the necklace and the matching earrings designed by Khanna Jewellers. The heavy jewellery works really well with the look.

The make-up uses gold and faint green eyeshadow, sharply winged eyeliner and dark pink lips.

Another option could be to match the lip colour to the exact colour of the beige parts of the necklace.

Hazoorilal Jewellers

Vogue India

This look is carrying a lot of sass and confidence.

The jewellery has been designed by Sandeep Narang, Hazoorilal Jewellers.

The makeup consists of subtle eyeliner, voluminous eyelashes, sparkly rose gold eyeshadow and a matte red lip.

Green undertones in the selected earrings work with the red lip really well.

Her hair has been separated into a middle parting and has been pushed behind her ear on the right side.

Layering necklaces have also been used in this look. Both necklaces match, but one is shorter than the other.

The rose gold blouse consists of strong brown undertones. It is paired with a light pink coloured lehenga that is heavily embroidered with gold sequins.

The Vogue India Wedding Show 2018 has showcased some key style tips when it comes to traditional Indian style.

For example, if in doubt, style your hair in a middle parting and loose curls.

Another common theme in most of these looks is the fusion between traditional Indian designs being woven in with contemporary and modern looks.

Most of the designers in this collection have made subtle changes to traditional Indian designs.

For example, Anita Dongre changed the colour of a traditional red wedding dress to orange, immediately making it more contemporary.

Designers like Gaurav Gupta also followed in the same footsteps by making the focal point of the lehenga the dramatically styled dupatta.

Furthermore, most of the fashion designers from this collection have substituted traditional dupattas for something else.

For example, the Manish Malhotra lehenga uses dramatic tassels and Shantanu & Nikhil’s utilises an eye-catching sleeve instead of the classic dupatta.

From this, it is clear that Indian fashion is thinking outside of the box.

Indian fashion designers are looking for new ways to convey ethnic traditions whilst catering for a rural and simultaneously evolving social climate.

Shivani is an English Literature and Computing graduate. Her interests involve learning Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance. Her life motto: “If you are having a conversation where you are not laughing or learning, why are you having it?”

Images courtesy of Vogue India's Official Instagram

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