Kuldeep Yadav becomes the First Indian ‘chinaman’ in Cricket

Young cricketer Kuldeep Singh makes history as he becomes India’s first “chinaman” bowler! He made his debut in a Test match against Australia.

Kuldeep Yadav becomes the First Indian 'chinaman' in Cricket

"Congratulations to Kuldeep Yadav on his Test debut. Wishing him the very best."

Cricketer Kuldeep Yadav becomes the first Indian “chinaman” bowler in the sport’s history. The news arrives as the young sportsman made his debut on the playing field on 25th March 2017.

Kuldeep Yadav’s debut took place in Dharamsala, as India played against Australia. Earlier in the day, the team marked the cricketer’s debut as he received his test cap. Former Indian leg-spinner Laxman Sivaramakrishnan gave Kuldeep the test cap.

Indian Cricket Team captured the moment and posted it on Facebook. The video has received over 250,000 views and 50,000 fans reacted to it. Some wished him success, saying:

“Congratulations to Kuldeep Yadav on his Test debut. Wishing him the very best.”

Throughout the game against Australia, Kuldeep made a great impact in his first game. He achieved his first wicket, prompting huge cheers from the crowd.

The debut of India’s first “chinaman” bowler marks a key step in cricket history.

However, India’s women’s cricket team also contained a chinaman bowler. Priti Dimri, played 26 matches for India between 2006-2010, bowling in this unique style.

But what is meant by the term?


“Chinaman” refers to when a left-handed bowler bowls the ball via a wrist spin. Exactly similar to when a right-handed bowler uses the leg spin to bowl the ball. It’s also similar to a right-handed turn in terms of the direction of the ball.

Some would regard it as “unorthodox” as the bowler uses the wrist to create spin rather than using fingers.

As for the unusual cricket term, “chinaman” supposedly hails from the 1933 Test between England and the West Indies. Ellis Achong, bowled with a never-before-seen style using his left hand and turning from off the leg.


His bowling caused the dismissal of England’s cricketer Walter Robins in the 1933 game. Afterwards, Walter Robins supposedly said of Ellis Achong: “Fancy being done by a bloody Chinaman.” As a result, the name stuck.

However, with Kuldeep successfully debuting in his first match for India, he will surely become a key player in the team. DESIblitz wishes him the best of luck!

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Images courtesy of SportsKeeda, pradeepmathew.com and gif - Wikipedia.

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