Kangana blasts ‘Dumb Bollywoodias’ over Upcoming Releases

Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram and criticised the “dumb Bollywoodias” over the series of upcoming releases.

Kangana says 'Dictatorship' is Resolution to Farm Laws Repeal f

"We don't get a solo release"

Kangana Ranaut has blasted the “dumb Bollywoodias” over the industry’s barrage of upcoming movie releases.

The Indian actress took to Instagram to share her thoughts in a series of stories that she shared on the platform

She wrote: “Dumb bollywoodias sleeping for months on end now suddenly announcing release dates as if people have nothing better to do than to watch their tacky films.”

It comes as Maharashtra plans to reopen cinemas on Friday, October 22, 2021, ahead of the festive season in India.

Major upcoming movies include sports biopic, Maidaan, starring Ajay Devgn, comedy-horror sequel, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and biographical drama, Prithviraj, featuring Akshay Kumar.

Kangana herself recently appeared in the political drama movie, Thalaivii, which is based on the life of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

The film was only available in a small number of theatres in India for just six weeks before being made available on OTT platforms, something which the star also addressed.

She continued: “It’s a good time for people like us.

“We don’t get a solo release, we don’t find enough screens. And even if we do, we don’t get good shows.

“Big studios and mafia has full control over exhibitors and multiplexes. Only thing we rely on is good content, that’s how I have made it this far.

“With the current situation, can’t resist singing Big B song to all mafia who make trashy films but because of manipulations and monopoly make big numbers. Well, here’s the song for you all…”

Ranaut then followed this up by posting lyrics from ‘Apni Toh Jaise Taise’ from Amitabh Bachchan’s Laawaris.

She posted:

“We’ll survive one way or another, what about you?”

Kangana concluded: “This is a transformative time for film industry, only good content will survive.

“So actually, it’s not a bad time at all. It’s time for social cleansing. Old empires will fall and new ones will arise.”

It comes after the controversial actress previously attacked the industry for not appreciating Thalaivii enough.

After thanking those who worked with her, she said:

“Meanwhile waiting for Bollywood Mafia to keep our political and ideological differences aside.

“Just how I don’t find it difficult to appreciate genuine art.

“Maybe they can also rise above petty human emotions and for once let art win #Thalaivii.”

The film,  also starring Arvind Swami, is available on streaming platforms.

Naina is a journalist interested in Scottish Asian news. She enjoys reading, karate and independent cinema. Her motto is "Live like others don't so you can live like others won't."

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