Gulki Joshi reveals being denied Roles due to Skin Colour

Television actress Gulki Joshi has revealed that she was denied acting roles due to her skin colour in the past.

Gulki Joshi reveals being denied Roles due to Skin Colour f

"This has been the industry standard for ages."

Television actress Gulki Joshi revealed that in the past, she faced discrimination and was rejected from roles because of her skin colour.

While she is currently seen in lead roles, there was a time in the initial stage of her career when she faced rejection because of her skin colour.

She also claimed that she was asked by producers if she had come for auditions of “a house help’s role”.

The Indian television actress said:

“There have been times when I would go for an audition for the lead role and the casting director would ask me, ‘Are you here for the maid’s role?’

“I would explain to them that I have come to meet a certain person for the lead role.

“I can’t even blame anyone. This has been the industry standard for ages.

“After a point when you grow up in life, everyone has their own journey in life.

“It depends on you, what you learn and how you grow.”

The actress said that she faced the usual kind of struggle which involved being rejected in auditions and having limited finances.

She added that she also struggled due to her skin colour at a time when TV shows “would look for gori-chitti (fair) lead heroines”.

Gulki added: “There have been times when I have been told, ‘You don’t match so much look wise, but you are a good performer so we will cast you’.

“I don’t know if it was a compliment or an insult but it has happened.”

Gulki made her acting debut in 2011 with an episodic role in the television series Crime Patrol.

She later took on the roles of Sugni in Zee TV’s Phir Subha Hogi and Meher in Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aaja.

The actress was also seen in Yeh Mai Mohabbatein and Laal Ishq, among many others.

Gulki is currently playing a police officer on Maddam Sir. She recently spoke about her chemistry with her co-star Rahil Azam.

She said: “Rahil is a fantastic human being, a supportive and comforting co-actor to work with.

“I am kind of disheartened that the track has to end so soon. But it was fun working with him. The rest of the team is also great.”

Speaking about her character SHO Haseena Malik in the show, Gulki Joshi said:

“It feels incredible to be doing a strong role.

“A woman, who is in a strong position and is also emotional at the same time but she isn’t like what we see in other daily soaps.

“It’s a very unique character. I am enjoying it a lot.

“This is the most challenging and satisfying role in my career.”

The comedy television drama airs from Monday to Friday on the Sony Sab channel.

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