Best Colour Correctors for South Asian Skin

Asian skin is prone to discolouration and pigmentation, but colour correctors can help. DESIblitz presents the best colour correcting products for Asians.

Colour Correction for Asian Skin

For a tanned complexion, go bright with orange colour correctors

It’s common in Asian skin to have discoloration and pigmentation, that’s just the way it is.

But luckily for you, DESIblitz has explored the different types of colour correctors that work best for Asian skin tones.

Colour correcting shades vary depending on what skin tone you are. For brown skin tones, correcting darker areas on the skin, e.g. under eye area and around the mouth area, needs a bright orange colour corrector.

You can find brands that sell peach colour correctors, these aren’t so effective because they are mainly catered for lighter skin tones.

For a tanned complexion it is suggested to go bright with the orange colour correctors, for an effective result to be seen.

Here’s how the colours work: for the discoloured and pigmented areas on the face it is best to use an orange colour corrector, for sallow areas, purple/pale pink is the cure, a dull complexion needs a yellow colour corrector and for redness on the skin it’s a green colour corrector.

Colour correctors are usually applied after moisturiser and primer and just before foundation and concealer.

The colour corrector is meant to be blended into the skin so when foundation is applied, there isn’t a massive patch of orange just lurking about on your face.

Most colour correcting products are liquid/creamy, which makes it easy to blend into the skin and longer wearing.

Below are a few colour correctors that are popular, effective and have great reviews.


L.A Girl Pro Conceal

The L.A Girl Pro Conceal comes in 16 shades! Not only does it come in colour correcting shades yellow and green, but it also comes in skin toned colours.

The only downfall is that there isn’t an orange or purple shade in this range. It is widely available from For a price of £5.00 each, this is clearly a bargain.

Nyx Colour Correcting Palette

Nyx have got a colour correcting palette. The Nyx colour correcting palette comes with six shades (two concealer shades) for a price of £10.00.

The only downfall is the colour correcting palette doesn’t come with an orange colour corrector. This is a wonder palette, with everything you need in one easy to open palette.

With four colour correcting shades (yellow, green, purple and peach) and two concealer shades, what’s not to love?


Mac Cosmetics ‘Pure Orange’

The next bestselling colour corrector is from Mac Cosmetics. They sell the shade ‘Pure Orange’ which is a bright orange for the price of £12.50. They sell six other shades.

These individual pan refills are great: “It’s a pigmented product, a little goes a long way. It is very long wearing and will be sure to banish your panda eyes,” says Mac lover Arusa.

Pure orange is promising for dark under eye circles and pigmentation.

Smashbox Colour Correcting Sticks

Smashbox have recently come out with new colour correcting sticks. These have launched on the U.S. Smashbox website and are available from Sephora for a price of $23 (£16) each.

These are not yet available in the U.K. but they will be launching soon. These sticks are great for precise application. If you’re after one specific colour then perfect! They come in the shades green, purple, peach and orange.


Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Collection

Tarte Cosmetics have recently released a colour correcting wheel from their Rainforest of the Sea collection. With most of the shades available (excluding the purple), this palette is winning.

It isn’t available in the U.K. yet but is available on the Tarte Cosmetics website and on the Sephora website. It’s a bonus because it comes with contour and highlighting shades.

The price of the product is $45 (£31). Beauty gurus like Huda Kattan are using this colour correcting wheel, influencing the Asian community.

Stila Correct and Perfect Palette

The next product is the Stila Correct and Perfect Palette. It’s available on and Cult Beauty for a price of £32.50.

It comes with all the colour correcting shades you need, plus two colour correcting powders. This palette is what you need for a flawless base for foundation.

This palette seems like the best match with the most variety of colours for Asian skin tones. It even comes with a how to guide and what colour correctors to use on which problem areas.

Whether you’re just a beginner or a professional, colour correcting seems to be the current trend. A saviour for every Desi girl in her make up bag.

Give colour correcting a go and say hello to flawlessly even and corrected skin.

Mariam is an English and Creative Writing undergraduate. She loves all things fashion, beauty, food and fitness. Her motto: “Don’t be the same person you were yesterday, be better.”

Images courtesy of Cosmopolitan, Ruben Chamorro, Maria Horn, Beauty Bay, Feel Unique,, and Sephora

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