Jinder Mahal talks WWE Journey after SummerSlam Success

Jinder Mahal has spoken on his success story as WWE Champion. He also revealed his plans to earn future championships and a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Jinder Mahal talks WWE Journey after Summerslam Success

"I want to win multiple titles and, someday, become a part of the legendary Hall of Fame.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has proved once again that he truly is the Maharaja as he retained his title at SummerSlam, WWE’s latest pay-per-view.

He defeated his opponent, Shinsuke Nakamura, on 20th August 2017 at the event.

Prior to his victory, the wrestler has spoken on his journey towards the famous WWE title in a recent interview. He has also revealed his big dreams in the company and hopes to eventually earn himself a spot in the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Jinder Mahal made the comments in an interview with Hindustan Times. While the wrestler has gone from strength to strength, his success has left many fans divided in their opinions.

Some have pointed out how his run in WWE comes as the company plans to push into India. However, Jinder appears unfazed and instead looks towards the future. He explained:

“It has been a crazy journey for me in the company till now. But, it is just the beginning for me and I want to win multiple titles and, someday, become a part of the legendary Hall of Fame.”

The wrestling company’s Hall of Fame serves as a recognition of wrestlers’ talents and abilities during their careers. Many wrestlers also dream of earning a spot, but Jinder may be a step closer with his mighty win at SummerSlam.

The match witnessed the Maharaja delivering countless moves against Shinsuke Nakamura. Despite his opponent initially resisting and holding his own, Jinder finally had the upper hand.

While the Singh Brothers watched on at the side, Jinder quickly dominated and repeatedly held Shinsuke in submission moves. Even his opponent’s stellar high kicks couldn’t defeat the WWE Champion! The wrestler eventually won by pinfall, after hitting Shinsuke with The Khallas.

Watch Jinder Mahal’s SummerSlam win here:


Jinder Mahal has certainly come a long way since his first run with WWE. He revealed to Hindustan Times how he found positivity in getting released from the company in 2011, saying:

“I had become complacent in my last run in WWE. I was not happy with my position and instead of working hard and getting out of it, I thought that it would just pass. Ultimately, I learned that was the kiss of death.

“Going away was probably the best thing that happened to me as it helped me regroup and concentrate on my craft and that is one of the big reasons behind my success.”

The wrestler, who acts as the 50th recognised WWE Champion, also gave praise to his mentor, The Great Khali. Jinder described him as “a legend in this business and I want to follow in his footsteps”.

Now, as WWE plans to push into India, Jinder hopes he can make a great impact in the country. Proud of his Punjabi heritage, he hopes to bring the WWE Championship title to the Indian fans.

“It is not something that has happened before and I believe that it will motivate the Indian youth to follow their dreams.”

With another win under his belt, Jinder has carved out a great career in the company. But whether it’s enough to earn him a spot in the Hall of Fall still remains to be seen.

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Images courtesy of Jinder Mahal Official Instagram.