Jinder Mahal wins WWE Universe World Championship

Jinder Mahal has beaten the odds by winning the WWE Universe World Championship at a recent pay-per-view event! A truly career-defining moment.

Jinder Mahal wins WWE Universe World Championship

"I feel proud, very proud to be representing India in the WWE universe."

WWE wrestler Jinder Mahal has won the WWE Universe World Championship. In what many will see as a surprising victory, the wrestler defeated legend Randy Orton for the belt during a match on the pay-per-view event, Backlash.

The Canadian-Indian wrestler won the prestigious title on 20th May 2017.

Jinder Mahal faced Randy Orton at the event, which took place in Chicago. Accompanied by the Singh Brothers, the wrestler faced a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

The match itself proved to contain thrilling moments, as fans watched Jinder battle against the 13-times World Champion, Randy Orton.

While Jinder may have appeared as the underdog, he didn’t let this knock his skill and confidence. After a shaky start, the wrestler gained momentum and soon delivered punches and submission moves onto Randy Orton.

However, the “Viper” Randy Orton picked up his own game, by landing Jinder Mahal with wrestling move DDT. And not forgetting the Singh Brothers, Orton performed an incredible double DDT on the duo.

Despite this feat, Orton proved no match for Jinder Mahal. The Canadian-Indian wrestler quickly pinned Orton down with his signature move, “The Khallas”. Thus winning the WWE Universe World Championship.

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Since the amazing win, Jinder Mahal has spoken to Times of India about this career-defining moment. He said:

“I feel proud, very proud to be representing India in the WWE universe. Obviously, India is a huge part of WWE and I am happy to bring the title back home and will continue to defend the title and make everybody proud.”

He also wished to thank the fans, adding:

“This is [a] big moment for the fans in India. They are very passionate and hopefully more fans start to support when they see me as champion. I want to say thank you to the fans and without their support, I would not have reached this level.”

Jinder’s win marks him as the second wrestler of Indian descent to win such a high-ranking title. The Great Khali hails as the first, as he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2007.

As Jinder Mahal won the belt, the camera revealed many shocked, yet happy faces in the crowd. And certainly, there remains a great deal of surprise behind the wrestler’s achievement.

Since his debut in 2011, one can arguably say that he has faced a tough journey to get the belt. But yet, he has defeated the odds and defied many expectations.

It’s even refreshing to see a young competitor now take the spotlight and advance in his wrestling career.

After seeing legends such as Randy Orton and John Cena take the belt time and time again, Jinder Mahal’s reign will hopefully reinvigorate life into the championship.

Congratulations Jinder Mahal on the fantastic win!

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Images courtesy of WWE's Instagram.

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