Indian Youth kidnaps Girl he was Arranged to Marry

An Indian youth from Chhattisgarh kidnapped the girl he was arranged to marry. A police case was registered following the incident.

Indian Youth kidnaps Girl he was Arranged to Marry f

police searched the Indian youth's home and found the girl.

An Indian youth was arrested after a police case was registered against him for kidnap. The incident happened in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.

It was reported that both involved were minors.

The parents had arranged for the boy to marry the girl, however, he did not want to get married.

He then fled with the girl but her parents filed a case of kidnap against the boy.

Despite eventually being arrested, the girl’s parents have said that the youths will get married once the boy is released from prison.

Officers from Ratanpur Police Station discovered that the boy fled with the girl twice as a result of the marriage arrangement.

The first incident occurred in October 2019. The boy and his parents went to see the girl and her family in order to arrange a marriage.

During the meeting, both minors liked each other and a marriage was arranged. The parents said that they will get married in four months time.

The two minors started speaking on the phone where they agreed that they did not want to get married. The boy later went to the girl’s house and the two ran away.

When her parents found out, they filed a police case. Officers registered the case under kidnapping and launched an investigation.

Four days after the incident, police searched the Indian youth’s home and found the girl. The boy escaped after receiving news that the police would search his home.

The girl was taken to the police station. In her statement, she said she went with the youth by choice.

Due to the registration of the kidnapping case, the search for the boy continued.

The girl later returned to her home where she began calling the youth.

On February 3, 2020, the girl disappeared from her home prompting her parents to approach the police.

Officers searched the boy’s home but both minors were not there.

The boy and girl had started meeting each other in the village by travelling on bikes.

Officers eventually found out and caught them both. The boy was arrested and sent to prison while the girl returned to her parent’s home.

Officers at Ratanpur Police Station are unhappy with the case as the family members stated that both youths love each other.

They went on to say that they will definitely get married as they did not want them to be in a relationship without marriage.

The family members explained that the marriage will happen once the young man has been released.

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