Serial Rapist sentenced to Imprisonment ‘Until his Last Breath’

Sikandar Khan faces life imprisonment over several rape and harassment cases, one attempt to murder, two thefts and three cases of burglary.

Serial Rapist Sentenced to Imprisonment 'Until his Last Breath' f-2

“If he is set free, he will commit these crimes again.”

A special court in Jaipur on November 27, 2020, sentenced a 35-year-old man to life imprisonment for raping a seven-year-old minor in July 2019.

Sikandar Khan, the convict, is dealing with a trial for raping another four-year-old girl.

He has confessed to raping dozens of children, males and transgender individuals, police stated.

Ajay Pal Lamba, Additional Commissioner of Police, Jaipur, said:

“Because of the combined and coherent efforts of our police team and special public prosecutor Krishnawat, the judgment has come in the victim and police’s favour.

“For every hearing, we ensured that the witness reached the court and his statement was recorded on time.”

Special public prosecutor, Mahaveer Krishnawat said Judge LD Kiradu sentenced the convict to imprisonment until his last breath.

Investigators said Khan, who was arrested after remaining on the run for six days, appears to have sexually abused other children as well.

A police officer familiar with the case said:

“If he is set free, he will commit these crimes again.”

The convict faces three rape charges, one attempt to murder, two sexual harassment reports, two thefts and three cases of burglary.

The police stated that Khan’s wife had left him months after getting married over his bad character and drug addiction in 2017.

Paedophilia is an under-reported recurrent crime in India.

The extent of child sexual abuse is largely unrecognised by the general public.

In Indian society, it is a great secret never to be talked about, to be hidden like a pestilence behind closed doors.

Reporting of child sexual abuse is improving slowly but has a long way to go. It was and is still taboo for many.

It is the unspoken evil that, like a monster, would haunt anyone who talked about it.

The best way to deal with child sexual abuse, rape and sex slavery was to bury it away and cover it up.

There is an awakening slowly growing in society over the last few years.

The #MeToo movement creates an environment where speaking out is encouraged.

People in less progressive societies do not teach their children to resist abuse and report it.

Some consider it even “permissible” for a man to do it. Paedophiles love the fear and silence that surround child abuse. It allows abuse with impunity.

Reportedly, in India, a child is raped every 15 minutes.

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