Indian Husband kidnaps Woman & Forces Marriage

An Indian husband from Madhya Pradesh has been accused of kidnapping a woman and later forcing her to tie the knot with him.

Indian Husband kidnaps Woman & Forces Marriage f (1)

An Indian husband allegedly forced a woman into marrying him after kidnapping her.

The matter came to light when the alleged victim’s parents made a complaint at Gandhwani Police Station in Madhya Pradesh.

It was reported that the accused, Naresh Kumar Suryavanshi, worked for the local government. He had married a young woman who lived in the area and reportedly worked for the same government.

However, her parents have claimed that he kidnapped her and forced her to marry him.

The victim also alleged that Suryavanshi forced her into having sex with him.

Following the accusations, Suryavanshi was suspended from his job. Meanwhile, a police investigation was launched.

During the investigation, police took mark sheets belonging to the victim and found that they had been doctored. On her date of birth, it originally said July 20, 2006, however, it was changed to say 2001.

This would make the victim 14-years-old. If the allegations are found to be true, Suryavanshi forced a minor into marriage and forcibly had sex with her.

Officers have said that measures were taken to evade police detection.

The investigation took another turn on February 11, 2020, when a woman named Sharmila turned up at the government quarters.

She was with her son and she claimed to be Suryavanshi’s wife. Sharmila demanded to know what was going on and stated that the Indian husband betrayed her by marrying another person.

Sharmila found out about her husband’s second marriage when a local informed her about the news.

When she entered the government building, she saw the alleged victim and became angry. She confronted the victim and began beating her.

Nearby people saw what was going on and gathered around.

Meanwhile, SDOP Karan Singh Rawat arrived at the scene with a police team and managed to rescue the victim. They then took her to the police station.

At the station, the victim explained what she was allegedly subjected to by Suryavanshi.

Following her statement, police registered a case of kidnapping and rape against Suryavanshi.

SDOP Rawat explained that cases of this kind will need to be departmentally investigated also.

If sufficient evidence is found, it could lead to Suryavanshi being dismissed from his job.

While the investigation continues, SDOP Rawat stated that if the victim’s statement is found to be true, then serious action will be taken against the suspect.

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