Indian Mother killed by Son who Returned from Sweden

A 50-year-old Indian mother from Moga, Punjab was brutally murdered by her own son after he returned to his parental home from Sweden.

Indian Mother killed by Son who Returned from Sweden f

Whilst living there, he became addicted to drugs

An Indian mother was killed by her son in her home. The man, identified as Satwinder Singh, has since been arrested.

The 50-year-old victim was identified as Karmjit Kaur, a resident of Himmatpura in Moga, Punjab. She was murdered by her son on Friday, September 20, 2019, while she was in the kitchen.

The police arrived at the scene and registered a case based on a statement from the victim’s youngest son.

It was revealed that Satwinder had been sent by his family to live in Sweden in 2015, but he was deported in August 2019. He hid the deportation from his family.

Varinder Singh explained that his father Bhola Singh had taken his own life approximately 18 years ago.

In 2015, his mother sold half an acre of land belonging to Satwinder and sent him to Sweden.

Whilst living there, he became addicted to drugs and returned back to his parental home on August 22, 2019. He had actually been deported but did not tell his family.

Satwinder’s family had become angry with him for not providing an account of his earnings during the four years in Sweden.

After returning to Punjab, Satwinder regularly harassed his mother for money and used it for alcohol and drugs.

On the morning of September 20, 2019, while Varinder was at the gym, Karmjit was in the kitchen.

An intoxicated Satwinder approached his mother and hit her on the head, knocking her to the ground. He then repeatedly stabbed her before fleeing the area.

When Varinder returned from the gym, he found his mother bleeding on the kitchen floor while his elder brother was nowhere to be found.

He alerted the police and paramedics but the Indian mother had already died by the time they arrived.

Police officers including DSP Manjit Singh and SHO Jaswant Singh arrived at the home after receiving the report.

Varinder spoke to the police and suspected that his brother was involved due to him not being at home. Police registered a murder case against Satwinder.

Police officers later managed to track down and arrest Satwinder. They also recovered the knife that was used.

They are investigating the reason for the murder. Officers believe that Satwinder was angry that his mother had sold his land and told him to go to Sweden.

So far the investigation has revealed that Satwinder was addicted to drugs and had been deported by the Swedish government but did not tell his family about it.

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