Missing Pakistani Journalist found Dead in Sweden

A Pakistani journalist who had been missing for two months has reportedly been found dead in Sweden, according to police.

Missing Pakistani Journalist found Dead in Sweden f

his disappearance may have been due to his work.

Police in Sweden have reportedly identified the body of a Pakistani journalist, two months after he went missing.

The body was discovered in a river on April 23, 2020, however, on May 1, officers said it belonged to Sajid Hussain.

Police in Uppsala, which is 43 miles north of Stockholm, said that they had initially launched a murder investigation, but an autopsy weakened the prospect of foul play.

Police spokesperson Jonas Eronen said: “But we’re still waiting for a few more answers.”

Despite the lack of evidence suggesting foul play, a press freedom charity had suggested Pakistani intelligence was behind Mr Hussain’s disappearance in early March.

Mr Hussain fled Pakistan in 2012 after receiving death threats. He moved to Sweden in 2017 and was granted political asylum in 2019.

According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the Pakistani journalist was last seen getting on a train in Stockholm on his way to Uppsala on March 2.

He was set to collect the keys to a new flat but he did not get off the train.

RSF said it was a possibility that he had been abducted “at the behest of a Pakistani intelligence agency”.

Mr Hussain’s reporting on corruption and enforced disappearances in Pakistan had led to the death threats. It even resulted in the police raiding his house.

Mr Hussain, who founded the Balochistan Times in 2015, openly criticised the Pakistani government.

RSF were concerned that his disappearance may have been due to his work.

Erik Halkjaer, head of the Swedish branch of RSF, said:

“As long as a crime cannot be excluded, there remains the risk that his death is linked to his work as a journalist.”

His wife Shehnaz explained that before fleeing for Sweden, her husband believed that he was being followed.

As well as writing about enforced disappearances, Mr Hussain had exposed a Pakistani drug kingpin.

She said: “Then some people broke into his house in Quetta when he was out investigating a story.

“They took away his laptop and other papers too. After that, he left Pakistan in Septem­ber 2012 and never came back.”

The Balochistan Times had reported Mr Hussain’s disappearance to Swedish police on March 3, 2020.

Relatives revealed they waited for two weeks before expressing their fears in case he had gone into isolation because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Pakistan is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a journalist. It ranked 142nd out of 180 countries in the 2019 RSF Press Freedom Index.

Balochistan has been the scene of a long-running nationalist insurgency.

The Pakistani military has been accused of torturing and “disappearing” dissidents. Insurgent groups have also killed members of non-Baloch ethnic groups.

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