Indian Man reacts to Chole Bhature in Sweden

An Indian man took to Reddit to share his experience of eating Chole Bhature whilst at an Indian restaurant in Sweden.

Indian Man reacts to Chole Bhature in Sweden f


An Indian man shared his experience of eating Chole Bhature at an Indian restaurant in Sweden.

He took to Reddit to share his review and he admitted that he was disappointed by the dish.

Chole Bhature is a popular North Indian dish that combines chana masala and puri, making it a popular street food option.

The man shared a picture of the restaurant’s version of the dish, which featured the chana compressed together on top of the puri along with a salad and garnished with coriander.

He explained that he paid around Rs. 1,000 (£10) for it.

However, he was not impressed after eating the dish, taking to Reddit to vent his frustration.

In the Reddit post, he shared a picture of the dish and wrote:

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Chole Bhature that I was served at an Indian restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. I miss home.”

The Reddit user later stated that he was served the dish at an Indian hotel.

He then gave his review of the dish, writing:

“For those who are curious about the taste: Well, it was bad.

“The bhature was sweet, super thick, and almost dry.

“The chole was like palak paneer but with channa instead (AND WHO THE F*** ADDS POMEGRANATE??).

“The taste of the chole was bland. No spice or any prominent masalas, it was salt and pepper.

“The chole to bhature ratio was bad as well. In my opinion, they intentionally made the bhature small (around 7cms) so that I could order one or more bhature/naan or rice to finish the chole. Marketing strategy 101.

“I ended up paying 160 Swedish Krones (16USD/16EUR/approx 1,000 rupees).

“We exited the hotel with a huge disappointment. I miss home food.”

The pictures prompted other Reddit users to criticise the dish.

One person said: “Bhature looks like kachori.”

Another said: “That’s one horror show right there! Dude go to IKEA and take revenge for this.”

One user had a better alternative to the dish.

“I’d probably watch YouTube videos of Chole Bhature and drink water then eat this.”

Another said that Rs. 1,000 could buy a lot more in other places.

“For Rs. 1,000 your entire family could have had a decent Chole Bhature in an outlet like Bikanervala etc.”

One angry person commented: “Bruh I won’t even call that a bhature.

“And wtf is this plating? Keep the fancy plating for gourmet s***.”

“Chole Bhature was meant to be rustic and simple.”

Another user was reminded of a bad Gajar ka Halwa that was served in London.

“How was the taste? This reminded me of Gajar ka Halwa I ordered in London. It tasted like soap.”

One person commented: “Sue them for murdering Chole Bhature.”

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