Faryal Makhdoom reacts to Uzma Khan’s ‘Affair with Married Man’

Following the accusations that Uzma Khan had an affair with a married man, Faryal Makhdoom has reacted to it, posting a series of Tweets.

Faryal Makhdoom reacts to Uzma Khan's 'Affair with Married Man' f

“They simply don’t care about the pain they cause."

Faryal Makhdoom has slammed “awful women” for luring married men into affairs. This comes amid the scandalous allegations that Pakistani actress Uzma Khan had an affair with a married.

Amir Khan’s wife called on young models and actresses to stop luring successful married men into affairs.

Faryal hinted at Uzma’s ongoing situation, referring to “young Pakistani models”.

She said that women who target other people’s husbands for illicit relationships “don’t care about the pain they cause”.

She said “awful women” had made “painful accusations” about her husband in the past.

However, Faryal also said it would be wrong of her to target the women in return.

She said: “The only person you can ever expect loyalty from is your partner. No-one else matters.”

Faryal took to Twitter to give her opinion on Uzma’s situation. In a series of Tweets, she explained that she hated the culture of having affairs and going through fake marriages.

She wrote: “I despise the culture which time and time again, sees young Pakistani models and actresses pursue secret sham marriages and affairs with successful married men.

“They simply don’t care about the pain they cause.

“It is equally disturbing and unacceptable to bully, harass, & assault a woman in her own home, a place where no person should EVER have to feel unsafe.

“Despite all the painful accusations sold about my husband in the past, targeting those awful women never entered my mind.”

Faryal subtly referred to Uzma Khan’s situation. She and her sister were accused of having an affair with a married man.

A video went viral of a woman entering their home and forcing them to admit their affair. The woman claimed to be the wife of the man.

However, it was claimed that the woman was the daughter of business tycoon Malik Riaz.

Videos also circulated of the woman and several men forcing their way into the house and breaking a number of objects.

Uzma and her sister Huma were physically harassed, with Huma even suffering injuries.

Many condemned the unseen woman’s alleged actions, stating that she had no right to do what she did, even if an affair was going on.

Uzma later released a statement, explaining that she was harassed and threatened to be killed. She subsequently filed a police case.

She had said:

“I have been shamed, blackmailed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past three days.”

In relation to Faryal Makhdoom’s personal life, her husband Amir Khan has been repeatedly accused of cheating.

The pair married in 2013, however they split in 2017 before eventually reconciling later that year.

They have three children. Two daughters, Lamaisah and Alayna, and one son, Muhammad Zaviyar.

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