Uzma Khan holds Press Conference over Incident

Pakistani actress Uzma Khan held a press conference in Lahore, in which she refuted the claims made by Amina Malik and shares her side of the incident.

Uzma Khan holds Press Conference over Incident f

"She has never warned me and there is no evidence of this."

The controversy surrounding Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan has gripped the nation and matters have reached a tell-all press conference which was held by Uzma.

The actress was accused of having an affair with a man named Usman Malik.

In the leaked video on social media, a woman along with others forced their way into her house and verbally and physically abused the sisters.

Uzma Khan revealed that the woman was the daughter of Pakistani business tycoon Malik Riaz, Amina Usman.

Ever since the release of this viral video, many people including celebrities have condemned the atrocities committed against the sisters.

The Pakistani actress and model announced that she would be holding a press conference at Lahore Press Club. She tweeted:

“I will do press conference tomorrow 3pm at lahore press club.

“I request international and local media to plz be there as I will reveal extremely important information to people of Pakistan.

“I request you to plz not leave me alone in this.”

Since Uzma’s announcement, people have been eagerly waiting to hear the next part of this controversy to unfold.

On Thursday 28 May 2020, Uzma held a press conference along with her appointed spokesman.

Speaking about Uzma’s relationship with the man in question, Usman Malik, her spokesman revealed:

“Uzma and Usman have known each other for two years. Everything we claim here today, there is nothing we cannot prove.

“Usman wanted to marry Uzma but she refused five months ago. His family were aware of his intention to marry Uzma from December 2019.”

Uzma’s spokesman further added that they have gathered proof such as chats between the duo which can prove this statement.

In a recent video released by Amina Malik, in which she claimed to have warned Uzma Khan several times has also been making rounds on the internet.

However, Uzma refuted these allegations and stated that she has, in fact, never spoke to Amina Malik before the incident.

“I have told you he was my friend for two years and he wanted to marry me. As far as his wife is concerned, she has never warned me and there is no evidence of this.

“She has never even rung me before, on that day [of the incident] was when I first saw her.

“She pointed a gun at me, that is why I said, ‘Give me another chance, please forgive me.’”

In the video released by Amina Malik, she claimed that the incident occurred at her husband’s house and that is why she had every right to enter the property.

Although this claim was once again refuted by Uzma Khan. During the press conference, her spokesman revealed that Uzma’s house was on rent.

The contract is in the name of “Baber Naseem” who is also Uzma Khan’s close friend and who has no “link to Usman Malik.”

The spokesman continued to mention that Uzma’s life is at risk and Malik Riaz is also a victim in the matter like Uzma. However, his daughters were involved in this matter.

The actress also went on to mention that there is no scope for a “settlement” as she is seeking justice.

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