Indian Man divorces Wife for Refusing to Have 12 Children

In a bizarre incident, an Indian man from Uttar Pradesh divorced his wife after she refused his request to have 12 children.

Indian Man divorces Wife for Refusing to Have 12 Children f

she would be beaten if she did not give in

An Indian man has divorced his wife simply because she refused to have 12 children. The incident took place in the town of Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

The unnamed woman has claimed that her husband had revealed his intention to have 12 children but she refused, he then divorced her.

She also alleged that her in-laws had also pressured her as they have 12 children.

The woman had gone to the police following the divorce where she explained that she was married in 2013 to a man from Nagla Beech, Uttar Pradesh.

They had three children together, however, one of them unfortunately died.

Due to the pain, she bore during the loss, she told her husband that two children were enough and promised that they will be raised well.

But he became angry and informed his father. The woman’s father-in-law told her that she should have 12 children because the in-laws have the same number.

The woman then asked for help from her mother-in-law but she did not come to her aid.

Instead, the mother-in-law encouraged it and said that it will be no trouble having a dozen children.

The woman was then told that she would be beaten if she did not give in to her husband’s demands.

It was revealed that the woman has been harassed to have 12 children for a number of years.

She had complained to the police in 2018 but no case was registered after a compromise was reached between the woman and her in-laws.

But on December 18, 2019, the Indian man requested his wife to have 12 children.

When she refused, he instantly divorced her by announcing triple talaq.

Triple talaq is a practice in India and Pakistan where a man can legally divorce his wife by pronouncing the word talaq, meaning divorce, three times.

Even though it is not uncommon, it is a subject of controversy.

As of August 1, 2019, triple talaq in any form is illegal in India, with up to three years in prison for the husband.

The wife is also entitled to demand maintenance for her dependent children.

As a result of the new laws, police have registered a case against the triple talaq. Police also filed a complaint against the woman’s in-laws for their constant harassment towards the woman.

Officer-in-charge Veer Kumar said that the victim complained about the divorce as well as verbal and physical abuse.

He went on to say that action will be taken after an investigation.

The woman has now said that her husband wants to remarry. She said they managed to work things out and she has returned home.

It was reported that the woman will only be able to stay in the house if she gives birth to 12 children.

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