Indian Man arrested for Drowning Baby Boy in Water Tank

In a shocking incident, police have arrested an Indian man for kidnapping an 18-month-old baby and drowning him in a water tank.

Indian Man arrested for Drowning 18-Month Baby in Water Tank f

“The accused held a grudge"

Police have arrested an Indian man for murdering an 18-month old baby by drowning him in a water tank.

The shocking incident occurred on February 5, 2021, in Haryana’s Faridabad.

The Indian man’s arrest came after he confessed to murdering the baby following an altercation with the baby’s father over money.

Twenty-two-year-old Naresh, the accused murderer, was the neighbour of the father and young son.

The police arrested Naresh on Saturday, August 14, 2021, and registered an FIR against him.

Speaking of Naresh, an unemployed drug addict, Faridabad Police PRO Sube Singh said:

“During questioning, the accused confessed to the crime.

“He said that the child’s father and he would often get into arguments over different matters.

“Two days before the crime, the accused grabbed £0.50 from the complainant’s eight-year-old daughter, because of which the two men got into another fight.

“The accused held a grudge against the complainant because of this and, on February 5, when he spotted his 18-month-old son playing alone, he picked up the child and took him to his flat.

“Later on, he took him up to the roof of the house and drowned him in the water tanker.

“He then closed the tanker with a wire so that his crime would not be discovered.”

Singh continued to say that when the baby’s parents discovered he was missing they searched for him, before eventually finding him in the water tank.

Singh added:

“The accused fled from there after murdering the child and started changing his location frequently to avoid the police.

“He was arrested with the help of technical support and police sources, and the thread and amulet that were tied around the child’s neck have been seized from him.

“After completion of interrogation, the accused has been produced in court and remanded to judicial custody.”

It is common for adults to drown babies, but their reasons for doing so are not always malicious.

In a heart-breaking incident, an Indian woman has been charged with murder for drowning her 13-day-old newborn in a water tank.

Twenty-two-year-old Aishwarya Amitkumar Mali committed the crime on the terrace of her parents’ house.

According to the police, Mali drowned her child because she could not bear to see it suffer.

The newborn had had major surgery just hours after its birth, and was recovering at the time.

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