Imran Khan trolled after Video of Lookalike goes Viral

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was subjected to trolling after a viral video showed a young man with an uncanny resemblance.

Imran Khan trolled after Video of Lookalike goes Viral f

"Like its Imran Khan undercover."

Imran Khan was trolled after netizens came across a video of a man with an uncanny resemblance to the Prime Minister.

In the video, the man is seen taking a ride in a rickshaw in Sialkot.

The young man does not realise he is being filmed but once he does, he becomes uncomfortable and looks away from the camera.

The video was shared online and went viral, with netizens pointing out that he looked like a young Imran Khan.

Some social media users said that he was the Prime Minister in disguise.

One person wrote: “Lol at how the guy is observing everything as well. Like its Imran Khan undercover.”

Another said: “Mind-boggling resemblance. Even his aura matches with a vibe that a younger Imran Khan sent forth.”

One user trolled the cricketer-turned-politician by saying that the lookalike can run the country better.

“Even this guy can run this country better than Khan saab.”

Other netizens said that the man also looked like Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. This led to many comments that the man is what Hrithik and Khan’s son would look like if they were to have one.

A user said: “If Imran Khan & Hrithik Roshan had a son.”

As a result of the attention he has gained, some social media users said that the man deserves to meet with Khan while others suggested he could make a lot of money as an Imran Khan lookalike.

“This man deserves a meeting with the PM.”

“OMG, find out who he is, he could make so much money.”

The lookalike was later identified as Shah Hussain, reportedly a resident of Kalam Valley in Swat district.

Due to the harsh weather conditions in the region, many people migrate to different parts of the country during winter. Shah is said to be one of those who have migrated.

This is not the first time that Imran Khan was trolled.

In April 2020, the PM addressed international countries and urged them to help developing countries fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, his choice of clothing ended up getting more attention as he was seen wearing a dark green tracksuit top.

This sent social media users into a frenzy.

While some people praised him for his “simplicity”, others criticised him for dressing casually during an important appearance.

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