Punjabi Wedding Dance Video goes Viral after England win

A dance video from a Punjabi wedding has gone viral after the wedding party were shown singing along to the England-hit ‘Football’s coming home’.

Dance Video

"Sikh family wedding. I bloody love this country."

A viral dance video at a Punjabi wedding shows the wedding party singing and dancing to the England anthem ‘Football’s coming home’ by Three Lions.

Uploaded by Kiran Dhaliwal, the video has captured the patriotic feeling that is currently sweeping the nation after England defeated Sweden 2-0 in the FIFA 2018 quarter-finals.

With the anthem having been the country’s go-to chant for English football games, England’s success has meant that the song is being played everywhere, even at weddings it seems!

The Punjabi wedding seemed to coincide with England beating Sweden which led to the fantastic viral dance video. Since it was uploaded on July 8th 2018, the Twitter video has amassed almost 30,000 likes!

In the video, everyone in the room is chanting the well-known “football’s coming home”, smiling and dancing around together.

Whilst the anthem evidently went down very well on the dancefloor at the wedding, it went down even better when the video surfaced online.

Alongside the heart-warming video, Dhaliwal wrote:

“Sikh family wedding. I bloody love this country. #ItsComingHome #ENG”

Check out the brilliant video below!


The dance video has been met with a huge amount of praise on the social media site. Twitter users are celebrating the unusual choice of song for a wedding.

One Twitter user wrote:

“This is what England is all about. Lovely to see!”

Many people on Twitter are viewing the viral sensation as a testament to Britain’s strong multiculturalism and unity. Another Twitter user said:

“When a different culture fully integrates and embrace’s its new country, just shows what can be done. Absolutely brilliant.”

These are just a couple of the many, many positive responses the viral dance video has garnered. The dance video also received plenty of praise for Sikh weddings in general.

One Twitter user said:

“Sikh weddings are by far the best. Always a mix of people just having fun and getting on with each other. Every time I’ve gone I’ve thought this is the advert for England. Top notch food as well,”

The internet and social media sites especially are buzzing with anticipation as England are set to play another game on July 11th 2018. Videos and memes featuring the hit song are hard to miss.

Following a similar vein, another video uploaded by Kugan Cassius shows the England football hysteria take over another wedding!

The groom starts off in the video by making a speech seemingly about his new wife but ends the video with a comical and surprising England football twist.

Check out the video here!

Not to give away the joke but at the end of the clip, the groom dedicates his touching speech to the English football team, sending the wedding guests into fits of laughter and cheering!

With the current obsession with England and their FIFA performance, it seems we will continue to see more videos like this.

It’s clear that England’s success in the FIFA World Cup 2018 is having a positive effect on the country and all of the people who live there.

The most heart-warming element of these videos is perhaps that they are unexpected at such a traditional event.

Tying together people of different races, religions, values and beliefs, it seems that football has had an oddly unifying effect.

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Images courtesy of kkdhaliwal_ Twitter