Harvey Specter ready for Bollywood and Loves ‘Saag Paneer’

Harvey Specter aka Gabriel Macht confesses his love for saag paneer and his ambition to do a Bollywood movie in a Facebook Live video.

Harvey Specter ready for Bollywood and Loves ‘Saag Paneer’

“I’ve been eating Indian food since I was six. I love Indian food"

New York hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter says he wants to visit India soon and aspires to be in a Bollywood movie.

Harvey Specter is the suave and charming lawyer of the hit TV drama series, Suits. The fictional Specter is known for wearing amazing suits, listening to smooth jazz and making everyone wish they studied law.

Actor Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter, made a Facebook live video before the winter premiere of his show with his Indian fans.

In his video, Gabriel talks about his Desi loves, especially when it comes to food and film.

Macht admits his favourite Indian food is saag paneer. He says:

“I’ve been eating Indian food since I was six. I love Indian food. I like eating saag paneer.”

As well as loving the Indian food, he also says how he would love to visit India: “You guys have to invite me to India. I’d love to come out there.”

The 45-year-old reveals his future acting aspirations to be in a Bollywood movie, after seeing his friend make one.

He says:

“A friend of mine made a Bollywood film out there. I don’t know what film it’s called. How about someone invites me to be in a Bollywood film? I would love to do that.”

Gabriel also talks about Harvey’s love-hate relationship with Louis Litt, played by Rick Hoffman. He says 98 percent of the show is improvised by himself and Patrick J. Adams (who plays Mike Ross).

Keeping viewers keen about the show Suits, Harvey Specter teases his uncertainty about whether on-screen couple Donna-Harvey (aka Darvey) will get together as a couple.

He says: “I don’t know. If they do get together, where would they go? How would the story develop? Babies? I don’t know… would there be strawberry blonde babies? Maybe one day they would. I see them as best pals and she is the voice of reason for him and he really listens to her.”

During his Facebook Live video, Gabriel mentions Suits is rebooted for season 7.

He reveals a bit too much about his current acting, such as how he doesn’t like to shave when he isn’t shooting for the show.

But Gabriel adds how it is hard work to play Harvey Specter on-screen as he’s very different from him in real life.

The actor says goodbye with hopes to visit India soon and gives thanks to his fans for watching.

Will Harvey Specter fulfil his Bollywood dream?

We look forward to whatever ventures he may take on in the future.

Henna is an English literature graduate and lover of TV, film and tea! She enjoys writing scripts and novels and travelling. Her motto is: "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them."

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