Priyanka Chopra shares Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Amidst the Hollywood scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Priyanka Chopra has suggested this behaviour is more about “power” than sex.

College of Harvey Weinstein and Priyanka Chopra

"The fact that we can be compassionate and tough are strengths only women have."

With the scandal involving Harvey Weinstein growing daily, stars from Hollywood have reacted to the vast sexual allegations. Now Priyanka Chopra has given her own thoughts on the matter.

The Bollywood actress attended the 2017 Marie Curie Power Trip event on 17th October. During her visit, Priyanka made reference to the ongoing controversy and its aftermath.

Commenting on the Hollywood producer and sexual abuse, she explained that “it’s not about sexuality, it’s all about power”. The starlet said to Marie Claire:

“It’s not just about sexuality [and] it’s not about sex. It’s about power [and] it’s an isolating feeling. The easiest thing to take away from a woman is her work.”

PeeCee gave encouraging words to those who have experienced sexual assault. Marking compassion and toughness as strong traits for women. She revealed:

“The fact that we can be compassionate and, at the same time, tough are strengths only women have. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you need to dress a certain way. When you open your mouth, you deliver.”

She added: “There is not just ‘a Harvey Weinstein’ in Hollywood, there are many. It happens everywhere.”

This comes after reports saying Weinstein had attempted to meet PeeCee’s fellow Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan alone.

A woman claiming to be her former manager posted a comment that explained how the producer became determined to meet Aishwarya on her own. However, due to her former manager’s defiance, that meeting never took place.

Meanwhile, as each day passes, more actress come forward to speak out on the abuse they claim to have suffered from. Actress Lena Headley, who stars in Game of Thrones, recently revealed how she felt “powerless” in her past meetings with Weinstein.

On 17th October, she posted a series of tweets, each detailing the alleged, unwanted advances of the Hollywood producer. For example, in an initial encounter, she claims:

“He stopped and made some suggestive comment, a gesture, I just laughed it off, I was genuinely shocked, I remember thinking it’s got to be a bad joke.”

In her second encounter with him, Lena also explained how she allegedly told the producer:

“I’m not interested in anything other than work, please don’t think I got in here with you for any other reason, nothing is going to happen.” To which, Weinstein allegedly grew “furious”.

With over 40 women making sexual allegations against the Hollywood figure, the controversy continues to develop. Both New York and Metropolitan police still continue their investigations into a number of the claims made.

Watch more of Priyanka Chopra’s interview with Marie Claire here.

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