Slough Councillor Suspended for allegedly Sending ‘WhatsApp Sex Video’

A Slough councillor has been suspended from the Labour party after allegations emerged that he sent a ‘WhatsApp sex video’ to other party members.

Sohail Munawar

He cannot attend Labour meetings or "represent the party in any capacity".

The Labour party has suspended a Slough councillor for allegedly sharing an explicit ‘sex video’ on WhatsApp. The decision comes after an investigation launched over contents of a leaked letter.

In the note, which appeared to be from Labour, it claimed the party had received allegations of sexual harassment and bullying. Addressed to Slough Borough Council, it read:

“There is also an allegation of sexual harassment in the form of an explicit video sent over WhatsApp to a number of other party members.”

It also claimed Sohail Munawar, leader of the Slough Borough Council, sent the video. As a result, the party suspended him on 3rd November 2017. The letter added that he cannot attend Labour meetings or “represent the party in any capacity”.

Sohail does remain as the council leader though; which he will stay as until the inquiry concludes. In an official statement, he said:

“Obviously if the party has received complaints they have to take action and I will be cooperating fully with any investigation.” He also added that he would continue with projects in the borough in the meantime.

However, the council still experiences a crisis in its leadership. Sohail removed councillor Sabia Hussain as the Deputy Leader. In addition, she no longer is a Cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing.

Sohail made the decision to strip her of these titles after an attack she made on Roger Parkin. When he became appointed as an interim chief executive, she objected to it, claiming that he used offensive language to describe colleagues.

At the time, Sabia said:

“As members, how can we trust that Roger respects us when he openly talks about us in this fashion? What else has he said that has not as yet come to light?”

The full council was expected to make a vote on Roger Parkin for permanent appointment on 28th November. However, Sohail has changed his approach in an independent review on recruitment.

He originally ordered a review by Gravatis Consultancy. But soon, the leader changed his mind and announced:

“I have reflected on the comments made by my fellow members about my making the decision on who should carry out the review and I have now decided to involve full members in a full review.

“This will bring the openness and transparency I have always sought.”

In the meantime, Labour will continue its investigations into the claims made.

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