Garry Sandhu to quit Music Career

Garry Sandhu the chart-topping Bhangra singer has announced his decision to quit singing. In a statement on his Facebook page, the singer has revealed that he is returning to a normal life as Gurmukh Singh and leaving the world of music.

"back to normal again gurmukh singh no more singin"

Bhangra singer Garry Sandhu revealed to his fans on his Facebook page that he will be ending his singing career and leaving the music industry. The news has come as a shock to many as the artist was proving to still be hit in the Bhangra charts despite his deportation from the UK on 12th January 2012.

Garry Sandhu had a rapid and exceptional climb to fame in 2010 with a string of Bhangra hits which also bagged him numerous awards. Over the last two years his fanbase has grown dramatically around the world.

After his debut track Main Nee Peenda his popularity in the UK catapulted to the top with songs like Din Raat, Sahan To Pyariya, Tohar and Dil De De featuring Roach Killa.

Recent tracks released by the singer have attracted chart success and re-kindled fan following. His song ‘Brick’ produced by GV went to number one on the Official Asian Download Charts in May 2012. The song ‘Ik Gal’ with Sudesh Kumari has received a lot of airplay and popularity on major Asian radio stations.

On Facebook on June 4th released the following statement (for which we provide an English translation):

“auj tak koi punjabi singer quit karda dekhiya shayad hi kisey ne dekhiya hona ….
“up until today no one has probably witnessed a Punjabi singer quitting…

bus ik hor ganna auna with sudesh kumari os to baad garry sandhu finish back to normal again gurmukh singh no more singin …
that’s it, after one more song with sudesh kumari, garry sandhu finish back to normal again gurmukh singh no more singin …

menu pata loads people gonna say garry dont do this we need more songs from u but im sorry mitro … mitro eh singer songer di life dekhan nu badi sohni lagdi kuch ni rakhiya ehna kumma ch .
i know loads of people gonna say garry dont do this we need more songs from you but im sorry friends … friends this singer songer lifestyle looks nice on the outside but there is nothing in this business .

pado likho koi chajdi nokri te lago jithey tuhanu koi izzat naal bulavey . ….
study hard, find a good job where someone will speak to you with respect . ….

ah fake id waleya da vi hun manda lag janna lol … kai saley garry sandhu baney a fake ida waliyan lai ik gal …
These fake id creators will feel also the pain of this lol … to the many garry sandhu fake id creators a piece of advice …

sher apna shikar app kar ke khanda j tuhanu kudiyan phasaun da innah shaunk aaa gym jao sehat bano garry sandhu de nnaa te ni kudiya ne tuhadey naal ni gal karni sach. sach hi hunda jhooth jhooth hi hunda ..
a lion always catches its own prey and devours it so if you want to attract girls go to the gym and get ripped, girl’s won’t chat to you by using garry sandhu’s name honest. the truth is truth and lies are lies ..

before i go i wanna tell u alll i got no facebook id just only this fan page. lai 22 mitro rabb rakha …..
before i go i wanna tell u alll i got no facebook id just only this fan page. there you go 22, friends may God be with you …..

najarey lutto jo dil karda ohi karo j cheeka maran nu dil karda cheeka maro . j hasan nu dil karda haso j ron nu dil karda rowo najarey lutto zindgi only once has khed k katto .pata ni kado pataka pai jaaana”

have fun do whatever your heart desires if you want to scream then scream . if your you feel like laughing laugh if you feel like crying cry enjoy life only once laughing and playing .you never know when life’s bubble will pop”

Garry started singing from the age of 12 when he was in Punjab, India, under the tuition of Gurdeep Singh Sadhu his cousin brother-in-law who taught him Kavishri, which is a form of Sikh religious accapella singing without instruments. By performing Kavishri in his local Sikh temple, Garry developed a passion towards singing but never had the chance to take it up formally.

Subsequently, he arrived in the UK and his singing was re-ignited with support from family and friends encouraging him to sing a private functions and family events. His ability to sing and perform was very evident and when he settled in Birmingham, he was very well positioned to pursue his singing career more actively with the support of music producers and other artists.

He signed with the Spice Media Label under the wing of music producer GV and released a string of hits. However, his rise to fame was short and sweet in the UK when in December 2011 news broke out that the singer was arrested and detained by the UK Border Agency for having illegal immigrant status. This then led to Sandhu’s deportation in January 2012 back to Punjab, India.

Upon returning to India, Garry announced at that time he was quitting his singing but producer GV convinced him otherwise by going to India and then recording Brick with him, released on the Moviebox label, which became a number one song.

Dedicated by Garry to the loving memory of folk singers Bai Amar Singh Chamkila and Amarjot Ji, Ik Gal the Sudesh Kumari duet dubbed by Garry has his final song in his statement, was released in July 2012. However, in addition, there are reports of other songs Garry has recorded which include Chamkila (music video shot); a duet with Brit-Asian Bhangra star H Dhami releasing via DJ Dips; two songs on the forthcoming Dipps Bhamrah album and reports by GV that he and Garry worked on a song titled Freshie. So, whether these songs ever get released now waits to be seen.

Since being in India, Sandhu has been posting many messages on Facebook expressing how much he misses the UK. But he has been dogged by controversy since the deportation and it is evident that fake id owners on Facebook have tarnished his name and presence.

So, has Garry had enough of the grief and antics of people not giving him another chance to prove himself as a singer? Or has he realised that singing as a career in India will not justify a living and it’s time to quit whilst being at the top? There is no doubt that many of his fans will be very disappointed by the news of the singer they love and admire deciding to quit making songs for them to enjoy in the future.

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