Desibition showcases South Asian Youth in Saffiyah Khan’s First Exhibition

Desibition will present the launch of activist Saffiyah Khan’s first solo exhibition, capturing the vibrant culture of young South Asians in Birmingham.

Desibition showcases South Asian Youth in Saffiyah Khan's First Exhibition

"Desi Moves gave a platform to young talent. It's super-important that young voices are heard."

South Asian youth has created a thriving identity, rich with fresh ideas. Shining a spotlight on this culture, Punch Records and Saffiyah Khan will present Desibition. Marking the activist’s first solo exhibition.

Witnessing two launches on 4th and 5th October 2017, it will serve as a celebration of emerging talent. All through the outstanding photography of Saffiyah.

Located in Concord Youth Centre and Lighthouse Centre, this hails as an opportunity not to miss. Desibition will capture the diverse community of Birmingham; a project between Punch Records and Saffiyah Khan.

Since April 2017, the activist took the world by storm with her viral image. While EDL protestors began to surround a young South Asian woman, Saffiyah approached them to defend her. Standing up to these protestors, her defiance at racial prejudice took global attention.

Following from this, she continues to herald as an amazing activist. Keen to bring South Asian youth to centre-stage.

Working with Punch Records, she has previously featured in Desi Moves for an insightful Q&A event. Desi Moves served as part of UTSAV – Birmingham’s year of South Asian culture. Celebrating the rich heritage of South Asia, the programme reflected how these cultural influences sparked passion in the next generation.

Throughout the summer event, Saffiyah Khan documented its exciting highlights. It witnessed emerging South Asian musicians who began their journey in youth centres.

Desibition showcases South Asian Youth in Saffiyah Khan's First Exhibition

From these youth centres to appearing on Birmingham Mela’s stage, they entertained crowds of up to 40,000 per day. This highlights the ingenious talent of the city’s youth.

Capturing the Talents of South Asian Youth

With an excellent collection of photos from the event, Desibition will now provide a new platform for this talent. Speaking on the exhibition, Saffiyah explained:

“Youth engagement is so important. I worked with Punch Records over ten weeks making this photo documentary. Desi Moves gave a platform to young talent. It’s super-important that young voices are heard.”

These images, seen for the first time ever, will portray the communities of inner-city Birmingham. Desibition will also serve as a witness to the outstanding, street-level culture of young South Asians. Presenting their ambitions to create music for new audiences.

Ammo Talwar, CEO of Punch Records, also was proud to announce the exhibition. He revealed:

“Punch is committed to continuing to support new Brit Asian audiences. These photographs by Saffiyah Khan highlight the passion and potential of young artists from these communities.”

Desibition will witness two launches for its special exhibition. The first will take place at Concord Youth Centre on 4th October, between 5-7pm. Lighthouse will also hold the second launch on 5th October, between 6-8pm.

Desibition showcases South Asian Youth in Saffiyah Khan's First Exhibition

These events will also hold a series of live performances. As well as the chance to meet Saffiyah Khan and outstanding musicians.

Visitors can attend the exhibition throughout the month of October at the youth centres.

A stunning array of photographs, capturing the talents of Birmingham’s South Asian youth. Saffiyah Khan and Punch Records will highlight these emerging musicians, sparking inspiration and admiration.

Therefore, make sure you don’t miss out on Desibition’s exciting launches!

Find out more and book a spot for the event here. Join in on the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #Desibition!

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

Images courtesy of Punch Records.

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