Bradford cabbie Mehmood Sultan to Star in new Pakistani TV Drama

Taxi driver Mehmood Sultan doubles up his working life as an actor, and has finally landed his first big role. DESIblitz reports.

Bradford cabbie Mehmood Sultan gets top role in a new TV drama set for Pakistan TV

"He is a very able and talented actor."

Mehmood Sultan, a 64-year-old grandfather who works as a cab driver, has landed a huge role in a new Pakistani drama series.

Sultan was sought out after his well played role in the film Actor In Law, which was set in Pakistan and was on screen earlier this year in the UK.

Mehmood’s new role is that of playing a father in a TV series called Taj War; Sultan’s character will have a well-behaved son studying in Germany and a wild, trouble-making son in Pakistan.

Commenting on his hopeful ticket to television fame, Sultan said: “I have been having a wonderful time on set. It’s been lots of fun and I am looking forward to [going to] Pakistan next month. I love acting.”

He has since been to Germany to begin filming for the series which will be shown on PTV. They are hoping to have a 26 episode series.

“The father is a good man. He is a religious man, a very peaceful man whose whole village respects him but he has problems with one of his sons who eventually kills him off but not until towards the end!” the actor said.

Next on the map is a trip to Lahore. Mehmood Sultan is preparing to fly to Pakistan in the next month to film for another two weeks whilst we all anticipate the pilot episodes and teaser trailer to be screened.

“My grandchildren and family are very proud when they see me at the cinema or on the television,” expanded the to-be star.

The director of Taj War has also commented on how Sultan is perfect for the lead role.

“He deserves it. He is a very able and talented actor,” he stated.

In Actor In Law, Sultan debuted in the film for an approximately eight minutes, where he played the part of a judge and was seen in courtroom action.

He has also briefly starred in a variety of TV shows, acting a range of roles. An example is the ITV police drama DCI Banks and countless other dramas and films ever since the 1970s.

The list doesn’t stop there, as the much-loved grandfather has acted in a recently released Bradford-filmed drama called Bakra (Sheep) Online and acted in a movie called Welcome to Karachi, which was shot at various locations across Bradford.

PTV have not yet released the date to when Bradford’s cab driver will be on our screens, but we wish him all the best for his career in acting!

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