Indian Bride and Groom Enter Wedding in Flying Birdcage

A Twitter-user captured the jaw-dropping entrance of a newly married couple outlandishly entering their own wedding in a flying birdcage contraption.

Lavish Wedding

"Indian weddings are getting out of hand."

A video uploaded to Twitter shows the unusual moment that a bride and groom enter their wedding in a flying birdcage apparatus.

Whilst the initial sight of the couple seems quite bewildering, it follows a growing trend of Indian weddings becoming increasingly lavish.

With this recent video posted on social media, there’s no doubt that this bride and groom went all out for their special day.

Uploaded with the breathtaking entrance, was a caption that simply wrote:

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the groom and bride.”

The user then comically added:

“Indian weddings are getting out of hand.”

Check out the video below to see what we’re talking about:

According to, the birdcage contraption was also accompanied by some extra added effects, just in case all the flying wasn’t quite enough. reported that it also emitted fireworks and sparks to give it some extra wow-factor. And if that wasn’t enough, it was even accompanied by the Bollywood classic Baharon Phool Barsao.

The couple can be seen soaring into the wedding where guests are seated below in a beautifully presented outside area.

The bride and groom swoop in as they stand inside the contraption which seems to be based on an elaborate giant birdcage.

Carrying the cage, there is a giant eagle that flaps its wings as it draws closer to the celebrations.

The impressive structure carries the bride and groom into the wedding where fireworks suddenly begin to pour forth from the creation.

Once the fireworks are finished, the couple is slowly lowered to the ground and the eagle-extravaganza is over.

With the video garnering over 70,000 views, replies on Twitter to the video have vastly differed. With some loving how extra the newly married couple went, others condemned them.

It seems the lavish celebrations have come under fire from some people for being unnecessary and expensive. One Twitter user commented on the video, they wrote:

“Personally I feel it’s too ostentatious. Absolute waste of Money.”

They ended their response by adding that wedding ceremonies were becoming more about showing off than the ceremony itself.

Many of the negative comments revolved around worries for the safety of the couple. Being so high up with seemingly little support, we can see why people would be worried.

Public opinion seemed to condemn their attitude towards showing off, with plenty of people suggesting that the couple cared more about the public display of their wealth than their own safety.

Whilst some people were negative, the video did receive some more positive opinions too. One user simply wrote that it would be “a wedding to remember.”

Other Twitter users refrained from being totally positive or negative about the whole affair and merely labelled it “insane”.

However, this recent wedding addition may come as no surprise to those who keep up to date with their Indian wedding trends.

The birdcage decorative trend for weddings has been emerging as a more popular wedding concept amongst soon-to-be brides since 2017.

Representing marriage as a freedom, the thought behind this showy entrance may be more important than their money behind it.

Ellie is an English literature and Philosophy graduate who enjoys writing, reading and exploring new places. She is a Netflix-enthusiast who also has a passion for social and political issues. Her motto is: “Enjoy life, never take anything for granted.”

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