Indian Bride refuses to Enter Wedding without Chosen Song

A video of an Indian bride has gone viral after she refused to enter the wedding venue because her bridal entry song was not being played.

Indian Bride refuses to Enter Wedding without Chosen Song f

"bridal song is very important.”

An Indian bride refused to enter her own wedding as the song she chose to enter the venue to did not play.

The unique incident was captured on video and showed the bride’s reaction to her chosen wedding song not being played.

The video, shared to Instagram by wedding photography page The Wedding Brigade, shows the Indian bride and her cousins start to enter the wedding hall.

They are entering under the ‘Phoolon Ki Chaadar’ when the bride suddenly stops and refuses to walk any further.

This is because her chosen entry song is not playing.

The bride is visibly angry and says that she mentioned the bridal entry song to the wedding planner before the wedding.

The bride’s family attempt to console her. However, she remains upset.

The video, posted on Sunday, August 22, 2021, has since gone viral.

The caption read:

“Watch the video to know why the bride didn’t want to enter the venue.

“Brides to be don’t forget to get your bridal entry song ready to avoid last-minute mishaps.”

Many Instagram users commented on the video, and expressed a wealth of opinions.

One person took no pity on the bride, saying that not getting everything you want is just part of life. The user said:

“Welcome to married life where most of the things won’t be as you want and you’ll get anxious and depressed for being too critical.”

Another wrote: “I don’t know why these girls have so much obsession in each little thing of a wedding, rather than having it on maintaining relationship, household things, or any other responsibilities.”

However, most users sympathised with the bride, saying that if she made a specific request for her special day then it should be carried out.

One user said:

“Hehe bridezilla? But if you paid someone to manage the whole thing then of course it’s disappointing.

“They should have made sure. This is just so sad to see her upset on her big day.”

“Not fair to her poor thing.”

Another wrote: “Bro bridal song is very important.”

One user also commented to praise the bride for standing her ground and not settling for anything less than she wanted for her big day. She said:

“Every bride deserves her grand entrance, well done girl.”

Many users also commented on how relatable the video was, as many of them had experienced the same thing.

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Images courtesy of The Wedding Brigade Instagram

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