Bollywood Dreams Dancers

Bollywood dancing is a major form of dance today in the UK with many groups performing around the country. One well known and established group are Bollywood Dreams led by Reena Tailor who spoke to DESIblitz about the group and her dancing academy.

we take on children from the age of 3½ and go all the way upward

The Bollywood Dreams Dancers are a dance troop that dazzle audiences with their panache and unique style. The group performs to bollywood songs and music to give crowds a sparkling mix of colourful costumes, a distinct look and delightful choreography.

Performing all over the UK and running a dance academy is a dream that’s come true for Reena Tailor, the leader of the dancing group. Initially, taught by her mother Kusum Tailor, later Reena trained with with Sonia Sabri and Sushmita Ghosh in Kathak.

The dance academy called Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy was set-up by Reena in 2002, in Birmingham, and she has not looked back since. It has grown from strength to strength with a lot of interest from the community and support from event organisers.

Being the largest Bollywood dance academy in the Midlands (UK), the organisation runs about 20 classes weekly and trains 250 students.

The aim of the academy is to provide the highest in Bollywood dance tuition and to nurture dancing talent to exhibit excellence in this genre of dance.

DESIblitz had the opportunity to watch the Bollywood Dreams Dancers in action at the Asian Bridal Fair held at the Molineux, the Wolves FC ground. The group performed amazingly in a tight area of the catwalk and showed they have got talent to be admired. Subsequently, we asked Reena some questions and this is what she had to say.

DB: Knowing your family has a dance background, what actually inspired you to start dancing and start the academy?

Reena: My mum got me into dancing when I was 5. She taught me a dance piece for an annual community event which I took part in every year. In 2002, I realised no one was teaching Bollywood dance in the West Midlands and started a Saturday class in Birmingham. The class quickly grew and the demand was high. We started our Solihull class that year, and before we knew it we had classes in Wolverhampton, Coventry, Handsworth and Great Barr.

DB: Who are your dancing idols?

Reena: Madhuri Dixit and Sri Devi are both amazing. I love Madhuri’s style of dance, and Sri Devi has the most lovable facial expressions, she is pure commercial!

DB: What do you like performing most (style, genre etc.) and why?

Reena: I love dancing to the cheesiest of Bollywood songs such as Kajrare, they are just so much fun and get the crowd going pretty much every time.

DB: Are there any age limits or restrictions to students wanting to join?

Reena: No, we take on children from the age of 3½ and go all the way upward, it is never to late to join.

DB: Have you performed abroad?

Reena: Yes, my team and I performed in Lahore, Pakistan to a crowd of thousands! The atmosphere was electric and was pretty amazing.

DB: Would you like to perform in a Bollywood film?

Reena: I’m pretty content teaching and performing on stage, if the opportunity was right I might consider it.

DB: What would you say to people who want to dance professionally?

Reena: Practice and get lots of practical experience. Whether you are dancing for a family wedding, and school assembly or in a live concert, always give it 100%, smile lots and again PRACTICE!

DB: What are the ambtions yourself and the academy?

Reena: We are currently expanding the academy into different areas of the West Midlands and other parts of the UK to follow.

DB: What have been the lowest and highest points of your dance career so far?

Reena: Running a dance company is full of ups and downs, however, I honestly can’t think of a low point worth mentioning – there have been many high points including our annual productions where all our students have the opportunity to perform at a professional theatre. The show always ends on a high and we‘re already looking forward to the next one!

DESIBlitz bring you a glimpse of what a Bollywood Dreams Dancers performance is like in the video below and also check out the photos of the troop in full swing! Enjoy!


Here is a photo gallery of the Bollywood Dreams dancers.

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