Avi Sharma recalls Private Conversation with Lord Sugar

‘The Apprentice’ star Avi Sharma has detailed a private conversation that he had with Lord Sugar. See what he said.

Avi Sharma recalls Private Conversation with Lord Sugar f

"And I latched onto this, this was my one chance."

Avi Sharma has detailed a private conversation with Lord Sugar.

The 24-year-old former banker has been one of the most talked-about candidates on the 17th series of The Apprentice.

Even if he rubs his co-stars up the wrong way, Avi mostly always manages to get a smile out of his teammates as well as Lord Sugar himself.

Appearing on the BBC show is elusive and Avi is aware of how difficult it is to make the shortlist.

As well as trying to win the £250,000 investment, he was keen on talking to Lord Sugar privately.

It was during the start of one of the tasks that he got his opportunity.

Detailing his private conversation, Avi said:

“I’ll never forget, we were in a beautiful venue for one of the tasks and the big man, he walks past me as we were both leaving the bathroom.

“I think there was actually a wedding happening in this venue on the same day so things were very busy in this building.

“But I was absolutely desperate for Lord Sugar to know how I really felt and I knew if I waited for the boardroom, it just wouldn’t be possible.

“You don’t get one-on-one time with him ever. So he was walking past me outside the toilets and I told myself ‘I’m not going to say a word to him. Because I want him to chat to me, I want him to want to chat with me. And if he engages in conversation, then I’ll do it to’.

“Luckily, as he was walking past, he said to me something like, ‘You alright?’

“And I latched onto this, this was my one chance.

“So I asked Lord Sugar, who is a very busy man, ‘Can I quickly say something to you? Because I’m not going to get the chance in the boardroom tomorrow’.

“And he mocked me and he said ‘Yes, what do you want to say?’ mimicking my tone.

“To which I told him straight how I really felt and I just said ‘I just wanted to thank you for choosing me’.

“Because he does have a say in who makes the final cut in The Apprentice and while walking away from me, he turned around and he said ‘You’ll achieve fame and popularity my boy’.

“And I was over the moon, I finally got to say what I really felt. Nice response from him.”

Avi Sharma ended up being fired after the teams were tasked with creating a men’s skincare product and his team’s product ended up staining his skin green.

But Lord Sugar seemed to have a soft spot for Avi as he told him:

“Avi you’ve grown in this process since you came here and I’m very pleased about that for you. But it is regretful that Avi, you’re fired.”

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