Avi Sharma details Cab Journeys with ‘Diva’ Co-Stars

‘The Apprentice’ candidate Avi Sharma detailed what really happened in taxi drives home with “diva” co-stars.

Avi Sharma details Cab Journeys with 'Diva' Co-Stars f

"this dominant duo, they were real divas"

After being fired from The Apprentice, Avi Sharma detailed what really happened in the taxi drives home from tasks when the cameras were not rolling.

Throughout the show, cameras follow the candidates wherever they go, ensuring they do not miss any of their decisions.

There are also a few scenes where viewers can see a brief glimpse of what is discussed during the taxi rides between some of the locations.

Typically, the candidates speak about what they think the task is.

But Avi Sharma revealed what really went on during these taxi rides when the cameras were turned off.

Avi said: “Off camera, myself, Rochelle [Anthony] and Marnie [Swindells], we formed a little band.

“In the taxi home, we asked the driver if they could play some music.

“They would never let us play any news because you’re not allowed to hear the news because it might give you an advantage.

“But we trudged to the taxi after a long day and I really did enjoy travelling with Marnie and Rochelle because we formed a band and performed music.”

Labelling the pair “divas”, the former banker continued:

“And unlike myself, this dominant duo, they were real divas, always trying to outdo each other.

“Even in the cab, even when they’re singing songs – we sang along to some Drake bangers like ‘Take Care’, ‘Make Me Proud’, ‘Higher’ and it really was a sight to see.”

Week Nine saw the teams create their own male skincare products.

But for Avi and his team, it did not turn out well, with the product staining his hand green.

It resulted in his exit from the show but unlike other contestants, Lord Sugar said his firing was “regretful”.

He said: “Avi that concoction you put it on your skin, and it dyed your skin green….

“Avi, you’ve grown in this process since you came here and I’m very pleased about that for you. But it is regretful, that Avi, you’re fired.”

As he left the boardroom, Lord Sugar added:

“Good luck, keep in touch and keep the enthusiasm up.”

Avi previously spoke about a private conversation with Lord Sugar during one of the tasks.

He said: “So I asked Lord Sugar, who is a very busy man, ‘Can I quickly say something to you? Because I’m not going to get the chance in the boardroom tomorrow’.

“And he mocked me and he said ‘Yes, what do you want to say?’ mimicking my tone.

“To which I told him straight how I really felt and I just said ‘I just wanted to thank you for choosing me’.

“Because he does have a say in who makes the final cut in The Apprentice and while walking away from me, he turned around and he said ‘You’ll achieve fame and popularity my boy’.

“And I was over the moon, I finally got to say what I really felt. Nice response from him.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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